Orange Coast College on the Verge of Crew National Title

Although the Orange Coast College rowing team is not as well known as the traditional Ivy League programs, the school’s prestigious crew team is on the cusp of winning yet another national title, solidifying their place among the greatest collegiate teams in the sport. Should they win the 2017 championship, it will be their twelfth title, after clinching victory in 2016.


OCC’s road to the top has not been easy. The team starts practice daily six days a week at 6:30 in the morning, and the current coach, an OCC alumni himself, has motivated the team to reach the highest levels of the sport, despite the fact that many of his students never even rowed at the high school level. OCC’s coaches are experts at developing the raw talent that enters the program through its highly competitive recruiting process.


Orange Coast College is a community college located in Orange County, California. Founded in 1947, the main campus is located in Costa Mesa, a city forty miles south of Los Angeles. The institution is one of the top transfer schools in the country, with a large percentage of alumni transferring to University of California or California State University campuses.


OCC has a distinguished history of producing eminent alumni, with graduates and former students active in fields as diverse as law and government, business, entertainment, and sports. In addition, many students at the college are graduates seeking to retool for greater success in the workforce, as 10% of the student body consists of BA holders.


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