I Was Hacked Like Many Companies Today

It is a sad report to say I was hacked like many companies today, but that is the truth. Companies get hacked today for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that cybersecurity it is taken as a joke today. Studies show that there are over 20,000 cyber attacks on a weekly basis, and the majority of these attacks are towards companies. I was hacked only once, and I am still devastated over it. I cannot imagine how business owners feel who have been hacked 10 or 12 times or even more.

Internet studies show that these attacks are only going to continue. Hackers are becoming smarter by the day, and by the day they have more resources at their disposal. Even the national government is threatened by hackers.


This is why many companies are looking to Rubica. Rubica is the leading cybersecurity company. Since its launch, not one client has complained about being hacked. Rubica has hired the greatest minds in the field of cybersecurity. They make sure businesses and people alike are kept safe and private on the World Wide Web.

Rubica’s promise is that any client who comes to them will never use the phrase ‘I was hacked.’


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