Securus prevents crime by shutting down criminal communications

There’s nothing more dangerous to the safe operation of America‚Äôs prisons than organized criminal activity taking place within the institution. Many people have the misconception that just because criminals are incarcerated in a maximum-security prison that means that they are no longer able to commit crimes or continue living a criminal lifestyle. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.


In fact, prisons house some of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. Violent and extremely well-organized prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia or the Nortenos, are some of the most able criminal organizations that have ever confronted the United States. Run by extremely clever and charismatic leaders, these gangs constantly threaten to spiral out of control, overtaking the institutions in which they are housed and even spilling their criminal mayhem onto the streets of America. Far from curtailing their criminal lifestyles due to the fact of their incarcerated, these gangs bask in the criminal environment, learning how to carry out their dubious trade with even more aptitude.


But there is a crucial chokepoint in the ability of these gangs to carry out their criminal activities. Without adequate means of communication, they quickly find themselves without the necessary tools to carry out orders and maintain organizational cohesiveness. That’s why Securus Technologies have developed a novel technology called Stingray, which allows for the detection of all illicit cellular devices within the nation’s prisons.


Cellular devices have long been the bane of prison staff throughout the country. Being easily smuggled inside carceral facilities, they are then used by gang leaders to carry out criminal activity. But now, with Stingray, Securus is providing the tools for prison staff to put an end to illegal cellular devices, once and for all. It is through technologies like these that Securus is making U.S. prisons safer places for staff and prisoners alike.


Market America Miami Conference Was So Much Fun

Market American is a conference that is coming to Miami. People that are interested in building a business will be looking for chance to check out Market America. Some of the top retailers will be in place for the Miami seminars to provide information about franchise startups. Anyone that is interested in event training and trade shows will appreciate what is done with Market America.


People that live in Florida will appreciate the opportunity to connect with these speakers at local conferences. The event schedule for Miami will take place in November, but the Market American Conference will be moving to different directions throughout the world. There are people that will be able to connect with speakers in Taiwan, Taipei and Singapore. Market America will move throughout the east and west coast and eventually move into the South Florida.


It is during these conference dates there will be seminars about business building. There will be a lot of speakers that already have experience in building up a business. More people are going to be able to create a better business plan if they get a chance to attend this conference. Many speakers are going to be taking the time to listen to the speakers that can provide them with a wide assortment of ideas.


Market America has become one of the most significant business conferences for people that are interested in building a better business models for their companies. The speakers that are part of this conference provide powerful insight.