Dick DeVos- Great philanthropist in the united states

Dick and Betsy is a popular family in the country. The family has largely been involved in politics and philanthropic work. The family is one of the wealthiest in the country. It also has one of the largest family foundations in the country. Dick and Betsy DeVos are ranked number 24 among the top givers in the United States. The DeVos have committed their lives to helping the society deal with various issues. Dick who is a businessman in the country is married to Betsy DeVos who has been appointed by Trump as the secretary of education. She has been a key activist of education reforms in the country.



The DeVos believe that education should be equal for all people in the country. There are numerous schools that have the family have been supported by the family foundation. Part of the money that they offer to these schools is spent in giving scholarships to students.



Dick and Betsy DeVos are committed to a good academic environment. They are supportive of adult education. The family is also concerned with accountability of the funds they give to schools. In their continued campaign in support of education programs in the country, they have been supporting an aviation school in Michigan. They have made learning in the school even better by purchasing the first plane that will be used by students to train. The fundraising initiatives in the school have been supported by prominent personalities in the country. Dick and Betsy have been using their connections in business and politics to make it possible for the aviation school to accomplish its missions. Professionals in the aviation industry have participated prominently in the management of the school.



Dick DeVos was born into a wealthy family. His father id Richard DeVos. He started his business career in 1974 when he started working for Amway Corporation. He worked for the organization for some time and managed to grow into various positions until he was promoted to be the Vice President of the corporation. As the Vice President, he was responsible for operations in 18 countries where the corporation operated. He worked at Amway for 5 years. He then left to form his own company. The DeVos family is also the owner of the Orlando Magic NBA team. It was bought by Richard DeVos but was left under the management of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos was born in 1955.



Dick DeVos has tried his hand in politics by contesting the seat of Michigan Governor in 2006. He did not win the contest.


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