The Betsy DeVos You Might Not Know

Some say that there are multiple versions of Betsy DeVos. This might be a little extreme, but the point is well taken. What people mean by that when they say it is that DeVos often has a personal persona that you may see if you meet her face to face, and then she also has a political persona that you may come in contact with if you ever stand between her and getting some part of her political agenda accomplished.


The political Betsy DeVos is a woman on a mission. She is the kind of person that you do not want to make angry, because she only becomes more effective when she is angry. Where some may spout off and become less effective when upset, Betsy hones in her energy and unleashes it on any opponents of her proposals and ideas.


DeVos is now the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. It was a role that was not exactly easy for her to secure. She had a tied fifty to fifty vote on the floor of the Senate, and that meant that she had to have the Vice President (Mike Pence) vote in favor of her in order to break the tie and allow her to assume the job that she has now. She was not fazed by this in the least. In fact, she had to work hard to make sure that she secured a favorable vote like this in the first place. She has indeed done just that.


Those who are fearful about things such as charter schools are definitely shaking in their boots at the thought that Betsy DeVos is now the one in charge of so much educational policy for this country. She has always been an advocate for charter schools, and there are no signs that she is backing down from that position. In fact, it appears that she is pushing forward proposals for more charter schools throughout the country. Not only that, but she is now in a greater position of power than she ever was before when she was just coming up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can expect for better or for worse that she is going to have a lot of impact on educational policy for years to come.


You have to truly embrace this full image of Betsy DeVos to really understand the kind of person that she is. Anything less than this full image and you are missing the bigger picture.


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