The Surf Air Standard

As of late, airlines have been mired in controversy. From mistreating passengers to instituting nonsensical rules, air transportation services are going astray. Fortunately, Surf Air, a revolutionary form of air travel, deviates from the ill-chosen paths that commercial airlines follow. Boldly going against the grain, Surf Air takes an ultramodern approach to aviation affairs. With Surf Air, long lines and unbearable layovers are things of the past. Hallmarked for their intimate services that offer unmatched convenience, Surf Air enables travelers to fly at their leisure and at affordable costs. Surf Air also offers concierge services, private lounges, private airports, and comfortable seating.


The company operates Pilatus PC-12s in executive interior configuration to and from convenient airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Metro Area, Santa Barbara and Truckee Lake Tahoe, with service to additional locations to follow. Find Additional Information Here.


What’s more, passengers aren’t required to waste their precious time by arriving at the airport an unduly amount in advance. Instead, Surf Air allows travelers to arrive a half hour before the departure time. No doubt a streamlined service, Surf is touted as a consumer-oriented and conscientious airline. Above all else, Surf Air is renowned for their world-class customer service. In fact, their flight attendants pull out all the stops and have even run impromptu errands to appease their valued flyers. No doubt a refreshing change of pace from traditional modes of air travel, Surf Air does away with the obstacles that make flying a nuisance.


One of their more recent developments includes the Surf Air iPhone App. The Surf Air app makes traveling all the more convenient with its simple interface and user-friendly tools. From the app, users can book flights, cancel flights, change reservations, and receive charter desk access. Perhaps the most appealing feature on the app is the last-minute flight component. Should a frequent flyer have a sudden desire to indulge in their jet-setting lifestyle, Surf Air makes it possible for flyers to book a flight a half hour before its scheduled to leave. Both efficient and innovative, Surf Air is taking the industry by storm.


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