Anthony Constantinou’s Use Of AI in Medicine


When something is talked about for a while, and it keeps popping up with a few names attached to it, it’s time to examine what it is, and why it’s important.

What keeps popping up is Artificial Intelligence or more commonly known as AI, and the name that is attached to it is Anthony Constantinou. Although the two are not synonymous, they soon may be.

Artificial Intelligence, is not the futuristic boogie-bear of science fiction fame that will take over the world and eliminate mankind. It is a system of using computers designed to think for themselves and give intelligent responses when asked a question. The person at the forefront of this research is Anthony Constantinou, who is an assistant professor at Queen Mary University of London, where he studies Bayesian theory. He earned his PhD at Queen Mary University as well.

Anthony Constantinou designs programs for use with computers to experiment with Artificial Intelligence. In one study, his computer models were used to determine the outcome of League games, versus the expectations of the best book makers. The AI computer bested the group of bookmakers.

Further, Anthony Constantinou has used his models in gaming, weather predictions, economics, and even investments. In medicine, Anthony Constantinou’s AI successfully predicted the outcomes of the use of certain patients using certain medications, after diagnosing the patients and reaching a prognosis and term of treatment. The Artificial Intelligence model did better than the medical professionals on all fronts in that study.  Visit This Page for related information.

So, you see, we have nothing to fear from science fiction robots taking over the world. Yet.


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