Roseann Bennett Is A Family And Marriage Therapist From New Jersey


For those who are looking for a licensed therapist who provides family counseling and more, Roseann Bennet is a professional to consider scheduling a preliminary session with.

Roseann’s specialties include working with families and married couples in subject areas like crisis management, case management and treatment planning.

Bennett is a therapist for married couples and individuals. She has worked for over a decade in her practice, primarily with the youth and their families in the state of New Jersey. Bennett has a plethora of knowledge and skills with clients who come from many different backgrounds. Roseann helps individuals to try and cope with many challenges that arise in life.

As someone who has worked with the young people and their immediate families in the state of New Jersey, Roseann Bennet is eager to serve those living in the counties of Warren, Somerset and Hunterdon.

Roseann has gained valuable experience working as an in-home family therapist, but Bennett decided to open the Center for Assessment and Treatment over ten years ago and just recently has successfully incorporated “Canine-Assisted Therapy” in their practice.

The goal of the Center for Assessment and Treatment is to help people deal with major and minor conflicts. Whether these issues are internal or external, commonplace or gut-wrenching, outside of a clients’ control or things that can be managed directly, Roseann Bennett is there to help.

Bennett was noted as saying that she created her facility because many people who she worked with when she was doing in-home therapy, would come back to see her due to the lack of continuity of care for these prior individuals and families. With her transition to a role as an outpatient therapist from an in-home therapist, the wait time for individuals in need of therapy had unfortunately gone up from six to nine months. Go To This Page to learn more.

But, like the obstacles that these individuals and families have, her current situation of owning her practice has its challenges. Bennett mentioned that in an interview her organization is without significant funding and is not currently subsidized.


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