Betsy DeVos Praised for Political Poise

The New York Times recently profiled U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for her poise under pressure in dealing with undesirable political outcomes. She has long been known in political circles for her tenacity and strongly held convictions, but she is clearly much more than simply a hard charger. Even when DeVos does not ultimately get her way, she remains poised and confident in the limelight. Rather than publicly airing her differences with colleagues and opponents, DeVos prefers to work methodically behind the scenes to achieve her next goal.


The recent dispute that has people on both sides of the aisle admiring DeVos has to do with the transgender bathroom policy in public schools. President Obama had previously instituted a policy that students could choose to use whichever bathroom in school that matched their gender identity. President Trump just announced that this policy would be changed back to students having to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender from birth. DeVos did not want this change, and she expressed as much to the president before he made the policy change. Despite her difference of opinion, DeVos still stood alongside the president when he made the official announcement. She has also not publicly commented on her personal disagreement with the policy.



About Betsy DeVos



DeVos has a long history of supporting school choice, which is why President Trump said he appointed her as U.S. Education Secretary. She started her crusade in Michigan, where she and her husband founded an advocacy group to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of affording parents a choice in where their kids attend school. DeVos thinks that a child’s zip code should have zero influence over the quality of education that he or she receives.


DeVos has been active in Republican circles for decades and even assisted her husband in his campaign for governor of Michigan several years ago. DeVos served as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee for two years during the George W. Bush Administration. She has donated generously to the DeVos Foundation, which she and her husband started as a way to contribute to the arts, cultural and educational development of Michigan. They both have strong roots in the Grand Rapids community and are devoted patrons of the arts.


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