Jacob Gottlieb investments in the healthcare

The healthcare investment industry is one of the highest rewarding investment sectors today. With veterans like Jacob Gottlieb who is considered a titan in this sector, the industry is yet to receive more exciting changes and great revolution. Jacob Gottlieb attained his economics and a medical degree from Brown University School of business and economics, and New York City School of Medicine respectively.

Despite his extensive training in the medical field, Jacob decided not to work in a medical office. However, he focused on investments in the healthcare industry. After succeeding in numerous ventures, Jacob added yet another venture to his name, Altium Capital. This is an investment in the healthcare industry that is focused on investing in opportunities in the growing companies in the healthcare sector. Jacob seeks to improve the healthcare industry to ensure that people are offered meaningful healthcare as well as advancing the medical treatment sector.

On a mission to achieve his goals, Jacob Gottlieb’s Altium Capital has made remarkable steps by investing in some major health sectors. Altium capital made the first investment in Oramed Pharmaceuticals. This company developed an alternative treatment for diabetes. Amarin was the second investment under Jacobs’s Altium Capital. This is an innovative company that has a mission of developing advanced drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular health. The company has already produced its first FDA approved drug. Oragenics, a pharmaceutical company is the third company that Jacob eyed. Since making his move, the company has focused on becoming a leader in manufacturing antibiotics for the effective treatment of infectious bacterial diseases.

Jacob Gottlieb has an undoubtedly keen eye on the possibility of future growth for healthcare industries. As he begins to expand his venture, there is a great revolution awaiting in the healthcare industry. His excellent investment skills and his great sense for growth opportunities in the healthcare industry are the key contributors to his growth and success.

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