Steve Ritchie Trying To Take Back His Customers

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie has been working hard to gain back their customers after racial slur was used by an employee causing Papa John’s to lose some of their loyal customers. To start off Ritchie sent out a letter to all of his customers saying how sorry he was for the mess up and explaining to them in detail what he was going to do to fix it.

Steve Ritchie has big plans. Plans to send out some of the management team to other Papa John’s franchises and around to meet customers. He wants to do this in order to find out what he can do to improve the business. He wants the customers to feel welcomed and wanted within the industry. He wants to find out all weaknesses and strengths within the business and wants to grow from them. Steve Ritchie also wants to involve the community in all work.

He is personally doing everything he can to fix the reputation Papa John’s once had. He wants to bring back all of the customers that used to love Papa John’s but left thanks to the big mess up within the company. He wants his customers to know that he will work hard to ensure that the whole team is on the right page, and will only hire people who are determined to put the customers first.

Steve Ritchie knows that Papa John’s cannot afford to have any more mistakes. He is hoping that these smalls steps he is taking will lead to big things in the future. He knows that the future of the business lies in his hands, and he wants to make sure that it becomes successful. Steve Ritchie is determined to make himself and Papa John’s successful. He will do anything he can to bring back the reputation that Papa John’s once had.

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