Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, The President Of Matrix Brand


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is the President of a Global Brand, Matrix/Biolage, a leading hair care brand in the US. He has been working to create R.A.W- the product’s new wholesome, authentic and natural range for about two years. Shortly after its launch, he explains the origins of the project and the set backs which he had to overcome with his team.

A holistic methodology towards R.A.W came as a result of realizing that there’s a need for natural products by consumers across the globe. He says that current consumers are not satisfied with merely ‘naturally-inspired’ products and that they want them to be purely natural and sustainable, with minimum environment effect. Matrix produced with R.A.W as a way of responding to the demand by taking a completely dedicated methodology, supported by L’Oréal’s programme called “Sharing Beauty With All”.

He made a promise to offer a variety of products with genuinely outstanding environmental benefits everywhere, from formulating to methods of manufacturing and packaging.To ensure this impact, Dan Bethelmy-Rada had to deal with various challenges together with his team. Their main focus is ensuring that they did not alter with the naturalness, despite the extreme challenges that they faced.

Among the main challenges was the costs rising from these ambitious objectives. Ensuring and verification of compliance with all the criteria on formulating , production and packaging methods required massive investments. They worked with the Research and Innovation and Operations team in conducting a variety of tests. While some of them were not planned, they were crucial to make sure that the products satisfied the standards defined by L’Oreal regarding the capillary performance results. Get Related Information Here.

Such tests inevitably come along with costs which affect the final value of products. Time was another major challenge, which was scarce in supply as teams worked towards finding the resources necessary to launch products before the deadlines. For example, they struggled in obtaining clay, which got spoilt fast during transportation. Instead of compromising their approach by going for a chemical process which would spoil the raw material, they revived the launch so as to source the appropriate clay.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a focused, committed and ambitious leader. He is a well known for encouraging team work and empowering the various talents contributing to the prosperity of the Matrix brand.


Visit  his page on http://danbethelmy-rada.com/


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