Heather Parry makes Singing Stars tell their Story on Screen

Heather Parry is the President for production of film and television at Live Nation, the well-known global entertainment company. She funds documentaries about the life and journey of major singing stars. Her secret to success is her willingness to multitask and her work ethic of continuously looking for new ventures and making a focused effort to achieve her goals.

Heather Parry

Heather Parry has made films about Puff Daddy, Lady Gaga and the Eagles of Death Metal. These films are not only for fans of the singers or bands but for the general enjoyment of viewers who like watching biographies of stars. Most of the films made by Live Nation have a budget of under $ 5 million. Heather Parry gives famous singers the opportunity to tell their story to the world by producing and funding these biographical films. One interesting film is about Imagine Dragon’s lead singer Dan Reynolds who struggled with being gay and his faith as a Mormon.

Star is Born was one big budget project of Heather Parry and Live Nation. Live Nation owns venues, concert tours and over a hundred music festivals and Heather Parry markets films effectively through these assets. Her marketing efforts have made Star is Born one of the biggest films of 2018 with several Oscar nominations. Heather Parry put trailers of the movie at all music festivals and posters at all their venues. She marketed Star is Born to music lovers across the world through the social media and through the databases available at Live Nation. Her previous success at MTV has given her experience in effectively marketing music and movies.

Heather Parry is the live wire of Live Nation. She has helped bring well-known music artists tell their story on screen and has recently made the movie Star is Born a resounding success.

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