Why Paul Herdsman Embraces His Hobbies

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. For Paul Herdsman, that saying could not be any closer to the truth. The COO of Nice Global says that it is vital for people to embrace their hobbies because they have a direct impact on their careers.

He says that just the same way you focus on your hobbies, it is the same way that you will focus on your work and therefore, you have to be active on all fronts. Paul Herdsman says that it is unfortunate that some professionals are too busy in their offices to engage in their hobbies. For him, fishing and playing golf have always worked wonders when it comes to his career.


The relationship between hobbies and careers

When herdsman is playing golf or fishing in the waters, he has to pay attention to details. Paul has to be keen not to make mistakes because they will spoil everything. For instance, if you are about to catch a fish and you lose your focus, you will be more likely to lose it. In the same way, when you are about to tee off, and you get destructed, your shot will miss the target.

When Herdsman analyzed these situations, he noticed that if he loses focus when handling his clients, he will be more likely to lose them. Therefore, he concluded that he has to manage his work the same way he handles his hobbies if he wanted to make the best out of his investments.

Another connection that Paul Herdsman discovered between hobbies and careers is passion. People are so passionate about their hobbies that they would do everything to create time for them. They bring joy and satisfaction to their lives. If you can develop the same passion for your work, there will be a massive change in your fortunes, and you will wonder why you did not start earlier.


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