David McDonald on How Important Learning a Regions Business Culture is for a New Player in the Market

David McDonald, President and COO of OSI Group, has been part of the growth of OSI Group, one of the largest food providers in the world, in China. The company has been successful in the region establishing meaningful partnerships and serving a variety of customers. Its success in China has been attributed partly to understanding the local. Targeting institutional and other customers, the company recognized the importance of understanding its customers and their needs. Afterward, it would design solutions applicable to the customers in the region.

In an interview, Mr. McDonald was featured saying that the company had to be flexible to stay true to its principles. OSI Industries focused on food safety and quality as they looked to increase its presence in China. It figured out that is the best way it could satisfy the needs of its customers. Additionally, OSI Industries sought to understand the business culture in China. David McDonald recognizes the importance of learning a region’s business culture embarking on a journey to serve them. It listened to Chinese consumers and tailored solutions to meet their needs.

According to David McDonald, one thing they have learned while operating in China is the importance of appreciating the region’s business culture. You will realize that people do business with individuals and entities they can trust. Venturing into the China market, OSI took time to gain the trust of Chinese consumers. The senior executive said that it took patience to understand how the food industry in China operates and what consumption habits in China. They learned from the local people and that has helped them to thrive in the market. Mr. McDonalds traveled across the company’s facilities in China talking with their teams about how best to serve the Chinese consumers and finding out the issues they are facing.

OSI Group embraces a culture of partnering with suppliers, customers and governmental agencies. It partnered with the Chinese government as it tried to approve its procedures. It stayed transparent and worked to demonstrate to the government agencies what they aimed to accomplish. The company has been able to partner and build business relationships with organizations to help in venturing into new markets.


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