Sheldon Lavin Talks about the Reason Why OSI has adapted a Family-like Culture

One company that has been dominating the food and meat processing industry for the last few years is OSI Group. The OSI Group is headed by Sheldon Lavin, who is also the CEO and chairman of the company. He made sure from the time he owned the company to ensure that it continues to grow in its vertical without any interference. As a financial consultant for many years before he took over, Sheldon Lavin had the experience in the business world that helped him to accelerate the pace at which the company grew.

Sheldon Lavin was recently interviewed by Lynn Fosse, senior editor at CEOCFO Magazine, in which he mentioned all the details about his journey to achieving success with OSI Group. Not only he helped the company with expansion, but Sheldon Lavin also introduced new management and operational systems that helped the OSI Industries to become what it has today. With active operations in seventeen countries and seventy operating facilities across the globe, OSI Group has become the well-known name in the food and meat processing business world over. Sheldon has also been partnering with the local companies and acquiring regional companies to strengthen its base in the food industry. It has also helped OSI Group to become a global player and gain dominance in its sector.

Even though OSI Group is active in more than two dozen countries, which are run by the company’s subsidiaries, it has one central approach to focus on quality and value to the customers. Sheldon Lavin believes that is the family-like culture that the company has adopted is what has helped the company achieve such growth in a short period of time. All of their executives are treated the same, and any employee can talk to the management without any worries. The company believes that when they take care of their employees and their families, they will work hard for the company. All teams have lunch together and discuss their lives and other things during that time besides work allowing them to feel that they belong to a family and not just a company.

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