Steve Lesnard Gives Tips on the Best Way of Marketing

Steve Lesnard is an entrepreneur having to be in leadership of prestigious global brands. He has been in the middle of strong partnerships across different industries such as technology, lifestyle, and sports. He has especially been involved in sports and has worked for the biggest athletic brand globally as the general manager as well as the worldwide vice president. He holds a Master of Business Administration and another one in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Steve Lesnard believes that marketing products is changing due to the effect of digital and social media platforms. The platforms are beneficial and productive. Brands should always place the customers’ desires as their main function. He suggests two principles that may help companies to market their goods and services without failure.

Steve Lesnard advises companies to market the product as simple as possible and something that will remain in the minds of the consumer for long. The marketing should address the consumer needs and benefits indicating what has been modified and added to the product. Keeping it simple means keeping the focus on what is most important. The communication mode used should be simple and penetrate through the emotions of the consumer. This method should not only target your consumers only but bring on board new clients who want to use your product as a result of the presentation that has been done.

The second thing is to make the customer experience a reality. This is enabled by telling your clients how it is the aim of the product, its advantages and how to use it to its maximum. The right channels should be used when using this marketing strategy. For example, videos should be used in the right manner displaying the right information about the product. The video may include one of your consumer explainings and applauding how the product has been beneficial to them in order to attract a new client base. Finding appropriate people that can be used as the product’s ambassador can also be of great value. The ambassadors are used to market the product in their outdoor activities and in general in their lifestyle


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