Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Role in the Invention of R. A. W

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Matrix’s Global Brand President. Lately, he has been working to come up with an all-natural new hair care brand named R. A. W. The idea to produce the product came to his mind when he realized that consumers around the world really needed a product that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and completely natural. Matrix looked for a way in which they could design a unique product that would meet all these demands to the expectations of the target consumers by using the all-inclusive approach.

It was the aim of the company to produce a variety of products and at the same time putting into consideration the conservation of the environment. This made them keen on how they formulate, manufacture, and package their products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada made sure that all the ingredients they used in producing the new product were greatly biodegradable, in their natural form and having no traces of silicone and sulfates. This ensured that the supply sources of all their products could be traced. Among the sources of their ingredients were honey, plants, and fungi. Their packaging containers too were made from recycled plastic. They were thus able to design their new product R. A. W in accordance with the environmental-respectful principles of green chemistry.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada together with his team had to bring under control a sequence of challenges. This included not compromising the naturalness of the product regardless of the harsh constraints they were facing. Their ambitious goal came with additional costs since they had to comply with environmental conservation principles by verifying every step included in the manufacture of R. A. W. They carried out a number of tests in a bid to produce a quality product, and all their efforts gave positive results at the end which was a great achievement for the survival of the company.

After a successful designing and production of R. A. W, they then embarked on creating awareness consumers and salon professionals. They set up a comprehensive educational program, which aimed at equipping salon professionals with knowledge and benefits of working with environmentally friendly products and methods at their place of work. This made their product to be widely accepted in the market.

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