How Jose Auriemo Neto Transformed JHSF

For decades, JHSF had been a giant in the residential real estate world in Brazil. However, this has changed in the last decade as it became increasingly focused on the luxury retail real estate market. The man behind much of this has been José Auriemo Neto, who now serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. That doesn’t mean that Neto’s plans were first met with fanfare within the company, however; in the early stages, it was met with a significant amount of skepticism. This changed in 2009 when the company built the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in the heart of São Paulo.

The center quickly became a hotbed of retail activity, thanks in large part to some partnerships that José Auriemo Neto was able to strike. Prominent among these were the likes of Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermès, who each launched their first stores in the country because of the relationships. Because of this, JHSF began to put an increasing amount of resources into the luxury retail side of their business. As such, it soon began to generate the majority of JHSF’s revenues. Since the initial development in 2009, the company has developed a considerable amount of shopping complexes across the country. The most notable of these include two in Salvador, the Bela Vista and the Metrô Tucuruvi, and the Ponta Negra in Manaus.

Throughout this time, JHSF has been involved in quite a considerable amount of areas across the country. Within the fashion world in Brazil, though, it’s not just known for the physical complexes that it’s built. It’s also been one of the key drivers in bringing a variety of international fashion brands to Brazil. On top of the likes of Pucci, there are a few other notable partnerships that José Auriemo Neto helped forge. One of the most prominent of these has been with luxury retailer Valentino. Since the partnership began in 2012, the retailer has established stores in a number of locations across Brazil, with the majority of these being in JSHF-owned complexes. Throughout this time, JHSF has been increasingly seen as one of the more innovative leaders in the niche.

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