Isabel Dos Santos Inspires the next generation

It has been a norm that when a leader, businessman or entrepreneur is given an opportunity to speak in public, this automatically becomes a window to get onto their priorities. As much as many would love to hear and get inspired by their insights on business and economic empowerment, they will also be looking forward to their views on other aspects of life like equality and social justice. Such is the route that has recently been taken by Isabel Dos Santos, a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Despite being the daughter of a former President, Isabel has managed to create a name for herself and is using her status to highlight the plight of others. Isabel Dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa. This has seen him gain so much prominence locally and internationally. However, all these did not happen by sheer luck or fate. Isabel possesses a rare ability and skill in leadership that has seen her start up and lead companies in various industries to exponential success.

In the course of her business dealing, Isabel has touched in various areas of professional life. Most of her dealings have been in industries like telecommunication, construction and finance. All through her 20 years in the business world, Isabel has always used her savvy decision-making skills, organizational structure and business acumen to come up with notable brands not only in Africa but all across the world (AliveNewspaper).

Isabel  spent most of her educational life in England and this may have helped her get exposed to a variety of cultures and business environments. Se went to Cobham Hall boarding school for his primary and secondary education. Isabel dos Santos would then join King’s College in London for her University studies where she took a course in electrical engineering. This is the cause that would later equip her with life skills in terms of problem-solving that has helped her to date in her business deals. Dos Santos loves sharing her mind, and you would find her in most public spaces offering lectures on business insights in her bid to inspire the next generation.

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