Bennett Graebner—TV Producer with a Midas Touch

Bennett Graebner is widely renowned for his work on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. The film and television professional was born in Buffalo, New York where he grew up before moving to Los Angeles, California. He is married and has two children with his wife. He has executive produced a number of shows over the years, and has been widely recognized with awards like the Teen Choice Award  he won last year although the two are his main flagship projects.

Professional Life

Television audiences across the world have often seen him as a widely acclaimed cultural phenomenon. Most of the shows he has produced have gone on to win major awards on the international stage. Notable awards won by Bennett Graebner include ASCAP Film and Television Awards, the BMI Film and Television Awards, and the Teen Choice Awards.

In addition to being recognized for his role in producing award-winning shows, his shows are renowned for bringing in top TV ratings. Many shows produced by Bennett are aimed at the 18-34 demographic and have in many cases help bring new viewers to the networks where they are broadcasted.

It is important to note that he has helped produce some of the longest running shows in today’s ever competitive TV and film industry.

What Makes Bennett Graebner So Successful?

One of the reasons why his shows continue to be a hit is because he takes his time to understand the story, as well as how the narrative flows. Bennett has pointed out in the past that in many cases, all successful television and film stories tend to follow the same set of guidelines.

This is with respect to how the producers and the creative time present the stories. Based on this reasoning, it means that reality television should not be approached on any other basis. For the shows to succeed, there is a need for them to have tension, good structure, creative plots, and strong characters (ENews).

As an executive producer, Bennett Graebner states that the most challenging aspect of his work is trying to incorporate dramatic elements into the shows. This is because all elements to be included in a show need to have come from a real-life event, and not concocted from a storyteller’s imagination.

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