Perry Mandera: The states man

Most teens from the Chicago area continue to become dedicated to their success by the day. The input of Perry Mandera into the community since his teen years fuels their dedication. The entrepreneur joined the Marines at a very early age. Since then, he has worked his way up to his current day’s success while accomplishing one goal after another (InsidePhilantropy).

His success did not get in his way of giving back to the community. Mandera is very passionate charitable work and particularly towards helping children in need. He donates both resources and time to design programs which will benefit the less fortunate. His company, The Custom Companies, Inc, carries out a yearly campaign; an initiative aimed at reaching out to people who need help.

Perry Mandera is full of wisdom, among the many things, which inspire him are motivational speakers. He says they are very instrumental in unlocking someone’s potential. His religious background also plays a significant role in keeping him going when faced by difficult situations in his life and business. He supports the activities of his church as well.

Experience has been the best teacher throughout his life. Over the years, Perry Mandera has taken up different roles which in return have brought him many distinctions and awards. He works with the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls which helps troubled teens. He supports the Illinois State Crime Commission and is a board member of the Illinois Trucking Association. These are but a few of the situations he takes care of.

Mandera constantly talks about the need for staying abreast of technology which is ever changing. Perry Mandera is excited about the change and innovation because they have played a vital role in driving many industries to success. He may not be a perfectionist, but he is always striving for perfection at every opportune time.

To be a successful person in business, Perry says you must listen to people, take strategic chances and invest in new resources.

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