From Meat Market to Global Market: How OSI Food Solutions Became A Food Processing Giant

OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest value-added food suppliers, with over 65 facilities in 17 countries. The company’s consistent innovation and flexibility garnered its unmatched strength, responsiveness, and global reputation. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, founded OSI Food Solutions in 1909. The company began as a tiny meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, but, by 1928, Kolschowsky relocated to a Chicago suburb with a company name – Otto & Sons. What started as a tiny meat market in Oak Park, Illinois quickly expanded through various strategic partnerships, as they established a strong reputation for providing highest-quality meats in the region.

A crucial partnership with Ray Kroc and McDonald’s marked the beginning of OSI Food Solution’s global success. By 1973, the company had opened a meat plant designed to process high volumes of meat products. The plant used special machines to shape the meat, as well as tunnels equipped with liquid nitrogen to freeze meat products. The company officially changed its name to OSI Industries by 1975. Several partnerships provided OSI the opportunity to expand around the globe:

  • 1990 – OSI, in partnership with Alaska Milk Corporation and the General Million Corporation, created GenOSI to process and ship foods in the Philippines.
  • 1995 – OSI created Vista Processed Foods in India.
  • 2002 – OSI created OSI China in Beijing.

OSI Food Solutions provides value-added food products to restaurant chains and other brands. The company uses its global reach to secure the best prices on superior products customized to their customers’ needs. A trademark of OSI is its dedication to running every global company as a local company. This approach improves efficiency and effectiveness by employing local management and employees who embody local culture and understand customer expectations. OSI continues to work towards becoming the world’s premier food provider through expanding production facilities and developing new equipment that promotes environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through the continued expansion of its product lines and improvement of production methods, OSI Food Solutions plans to sustain consistent growth and commitment to producing high-quality products to customers and end clients around the world.

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