Nicolas Krafft’s Runaway Success


L’Oreal Paris, the company over which Nicolas Krafft presides as Vice President of Global Business Development, held quite the extravaganza this past September. The second annual fashion and beauty show was held on the river Seine in Paris on September 30, 2018.

The theme of the show was diversity of women’s beauty. L’Oreal has concentrated its efforts on the accessibility of beauty and fashion, and the show was a crown jewel of this sentiment. Many models from the entertainment industry also walked the runway, such as Elle Fanning and Eva Longorio. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones also attended. Marie Bochet, who is the Paralympic Ski Champion actually debuted at this show.

There were also several professionals tending to makeup and hair for the show, including Val Garland on makeup and Stephane Lancien on hair. In addition to boasting an amazing floating catwalk, the show installed large tv screens so that anyone walking by or sitting on the bank of the river Seine could partake in the festivities at no charge. And drones recorded the show from above so that the show could be enjoyed by many in dozens of countries around the world.

Nicolas Krafft, Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oreal, has certainly had a hand in the company’s success. In addition to the title of VP Global Business Development, since 2002 he has held the titles Marketing Director Kerastase, Marketing Director for Asia, General Manager, and Deputy General Manager for Eastern Europe. Find More Information Here.


Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen, as well as the Corporate General Management Programme at INSEAD. Nicolas Krafft Loreal’s vast experience in his special concentration of professional cosmetics extends back many years. He Is a strong leader and is an expert in many facets of brand management on a global level.


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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Career

Bethelmy-Rada works at Global Brand as the MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oreal professional products division president. He also served at the Matrix DMI for L’Oreal professional products division as its General manger. In January 2015, Bethelmy-Rada was chosen as the company’s general manager. He served as the youngest general manager for DMI. He has changed the Matrix Brand by creative direction and new poisoning. He has also moved Matrix to digital so as to improve its status and visibility among their consumers.

Mr . Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal got his degree in International Business from Sorbonne. In ESSEC Business School in France is where he got his MBA in 2002. In 2003, he got at a job at L’Oreal in Paris as a LaScad product manager. These were products from Brand that were sold to consumers. In 2005, he began by being a Director and he later moved to Garnier International as its vice president, a company that worked in conjunction with skin care and hair care brand.

In 2011, he became one of the team members of L’Oreal Paris DMI and he served as the Senior Vice President. He was responsible for hair and styling where the key activity on his responsibilities was to bring the Elseve hair care to a growth of digital digit. In 2014, Bethelmy-Rada got a promotion Garnier international as the Deputy General Manager. He held the responsibility in the Brand’s marketing of hubs in India, US, Brazil and Russia on all types of hair care and color as well as skin care.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an innovator. He has extensive skills in digital strategy and marking. These skills have assisted him to manage worldwide brand strategies as he also makes progress for best practices in continued diversity and education in his workplace. He has a made a record to train candidates who are successful for top positions in marketing. He has achieved this through taking care of large and dedicated teams. Read This Article to learn more.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a focused, ambitious and a determined person. He is a leader who is known to tirelessly encourage team works. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal also embraces different talents that has contributed to Matrix Brand success.




Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, The President Of Matrix Brand


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is the President of a Global Brand, Matrix/Biolage, a leading hair care brand in the US. He has been working to create R.A.W- the product’s new wholesome, authentic and natural range for about two years. Shortly after its launch, he explains the origins of the project and the set backs which he had to overcome with his team.

A holistic methodology towards R.A.W came as a result of realizing that there’s a need for natural products by consumers across the globe. He says that current consumers are not satisfied with merely ‘naturally-inspired’ products and that they want them to be purely natural and sustainable, with minimum environment effect. Matrix produced with R.A.W as a way of responding to the demand by taking a completely dedicated methodology, supported by L’Oréal’s programme called “Sharing Beauty With All”.

He made a promise to offer a variety of products with genuinely outstanding environmental benefits everywhere, from formulating to methods of manufacturing and packaging.To ensure this impact, Dan Bethelmy-Rada had to deal with various challenges together with his team. Their main focus is ensuring that they did not alter with the naturalness, despite the extreme challenges that they faced.

Among the main challenges was the costs rising from these ambitious objectives. Ensuring and verification of compliance with all the criteria on formulating , production and packaging methods required massive investments. They worked with the Research and Innovation and Operations team in conducting a variety of tests. While some of them were not planned, they were crucial to make sure that the products satisfied the standards defined by L’Oreal regarding the capillary performance results. Get Related Information Here.

Such tests inevitably come along with costs which affect the final value of products. Time was another major challenge, which was scarce in supply as teams worked towards finding the resources necessary to launch products before the deadlines. For example, they struggled in obtaining clay, which got spoilt fast during transportation. Instead of compromising their approach by going for a chemical process which would spoil the raw material, they revived the launch so as to source the appropriate clay.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a focused, committed and ambitious leader. He is a well known for encouraging team work and empowering the various talents contributing to the prosperity of the Matrix brand.


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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: L’Oreal Global President For Successful Company Efforts


Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an idiosyncratic entrepreneur and investor. Bethelmy-Rada has created an element of sophistication in his work at L’Oreal. He is a President for the major global beauty company known as L’Oreal. Global companies such as L’Oreal must maintain optimal business communication in order to facilitate success.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is familiar with the extensive testing needed in order to release a product to the market. From hair products to beauty products, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is aware of the procedures involved in scientific testing. Cosmetic products must be thoroughly tested. From eyeliner to face cream, a cosmetic company is not legally allowed to release their product to market without testing. For this reason, most global beauty companies have a team of scientists located within their enterprise. From chemists to managing directors, the staff at L’Oreal manages a range of operations.

Chemists are employed by beauty companies to develop formulas and test the quality and safety. If a product is released to market and causes an allergic reaction for customers, they may open a complaint for the enterprise. The President and Vice President of L’Oreal conduct all final business decisions regarding which products are sold through their international market. Not all of L’Oreal’s products are available through their international market. See Related Link for more information.

Some products are developed specifically for the United States. Others are developed for Italy, Spain, France and the Middle East. Each market holds their own set of rules and regulations. Popular L’Oreal products include their line of mascara, lipstick and bronzer. The European market requires a different set of regulations compared to the United States. Each country has a list of ingredients that are either banned or allowed inside of the country. For this reason, all scientists and chemists must diligently analyze the ingredients in all cosmetic and beauty products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has involved himself in the cosmetic industry in Paris. He lived for a period of time in the unique city of France. As a foreigner traveler, Dan Bethelmy-Rada began to love the industry of beauty. He recognized the tools needed to become a successful executive for L’Oreal.


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