Carsten Thiel – Pharmaceutical And Biopharmaceutical Expert


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin where he grew up, studied during his youth and finally joined Malbrook to study Chemistry. Later, he left for the United Kingdom to study organic chemistry at the University of Bristol where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science and decided to major in Biochemistry.

Carsten Thiel advanced his studies by taking his PhD in molecular biology at Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. After completing his studies, Thiel joined the world of pharmaceuticals through Hoffman La-Roche, a biotechnology firm. He started as the communications and product manager where he displayed his prowess and was later promoted to the departments of scientific marketing and market assessment.

Carsten has been very impactful in the field of Biochemistry. He has integrated his experience, leadership and profession to oversee the launch of several high-profile medical products. Thiel’s involvement in medicine has also improved the lives of many patients through improving patient care, provider-patient relationship and upholding medical ethics.

He spearheaded the launch of Xenical, a weight loss product. This came as his first venture in the marketing sector for masses although he had been marketing vitamins and other fine chemicals to medical providers. Thiel’s efforts bore fruits and he saw the successful launch of Xenical. He focused on launching it with the right stakeholders and particular group of customers who would really benefit from its use. Though the method did not guarantee many sales, Thiel convinced Roche’s leadership to back him. They were then successful and able to earn over a billion Swiss Francs from the sale of Xenical within a year. View Related Info Here.

After Xenical, Carsten Thiel was also involved in the launch of Vectibix, a medicine for colorectal cancer. He also gone to oversee the creation of symbiotic relationships between business success, uphold of medical ethics and patient satisfaction.




Why Paul Herdsman Embraces His Hobbies

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. For Paul Herdsman, that saying could not be any closer to the truth. The COO of Nice Global says that it is vital for people to embrace their hobbies because they have a direct impact on their careers.

He says that just the same way you focus on your hobbies, it is the same way that you will focus on your work and therefore, you have to be active on all fronts. Paul Herdsman says that it is unfortunate that some professionals are too busy in their offices to engage in their hobbies. For him, fishing and playing golf have always worked wonders when it comes to his career.


The relationship between hobbies and careers

When herdsman is playing golf or fishing in the waters, he has to pay attention to details. Paul has to be keen not to make mistakes because they will spoil everything. For instance, if you are about to catch a fish and you lose your focus, you will be more likely to lose it. In the same way, when you are about to tee off, and you get destructed, your shot will miss the target.

When Herdsman analyzed these situations, he noticed that if he loses focus when handling his clients, he will be more likely to lose them. Therefore, he concluded that he has to manage his work the same way he handles his hobbies if he wanted to make the best out of his investments.

Another connection that Paul Herdsman discovered between hobbies and careers is passion. People are so passionate about their hobbies that they would do everything to create time for them. They bring joy and satisfaction to their lives. If you can develop the same passion for your work, there will be a massive change in your fortunes, and you will wonder why you did not start earlier.


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Elena Ford Listening to Employees and Customers



Elena Ford was recently promoted to another executive position at Ford. She will be responsible for improving the experience of customers at the company. Elena is excited about her new role, and she has multiple plans to make the company more profitable.

Elena started working at Ford after graduating from college. She is related to the founder of the company, Henry Ford. Although the company is stable, there are various ways that the company needs to improve. Elena is listening to feedback from both customers and employees to make changes.

Customer Experience

When purchasing a vehicle, customers want to have a quality experience. Some people do not enjoy purchasing a car because of pushy salespeople. Although most people look at online options before buying a car, others still enjoy the traditional method of visiting a car lot. Elena Ford decided to change how Ford sells cars to customers. She improved the customer experience by offering various amenities during the process. Elena also developed a website to give customers more options while browsing for potential cars.

Costumer Service Experience


Elena has advanced rapidly through various leadership positions at Ford. Early in her career, she decided that she wanted to become a business executive. She went back to school to earn an MBA, and she consistently looks for ways to improve as a leader.

Employee Compensation

Elena Ford believes that employees should be paid fairly. Although most Ford employees are part of a union, there are thousands of employees at the corporate headquarters who do not have union representation. Elena convinced the management team to increase wages for employees through various new programs. These programs are designed to incentivize employees to work more productively. Although this program is still being tested, the vast majority of employees approve of the changes.

Elena Ford is an excellent example of the impact that a person can make on a company. She has worked her entire career at Ford, and she plans to stay at the company until she retires. Elena also mentors young leaders within the company. Learning from Elena Ford is one of the most useful things that any aspiring leader can do.


As Jingdong Enters the U.S. Market

A Chinese Retailer With the World’s Top Brands

The use of “foreign brands,” as sold through an easy-to-access app, is giving China’s a boost in revenue. There’s no end to the Jingdong’s state of innovation. As its market share makes headlines, is now selling American brands like Huggies and Nautica.

The ingredients are simple and have been effective for some time; the strategy relies on a retail app used by the Chinese and leverages their confidence in American goods. Head & Shoulders now sells as a list of new products resulting from Jingdong’s consumer-to-manufacturer plan (CMP), which gives Chinese consumers a wider selection.

The project measures its performance based on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). This data results from aligning brands into categories alongside consumer profiles. The presence of Head & Shoulders and Huggies, for example, have already boosted sales.

Jingdong invites brands from around the world to find a place within this dynamic change. They will get placed on Jingdong’s website and will become accessible through its app. The targeted consumer is Chinese, and they want access to new goods—now.

The Wealth of Data Uncovered From …

Jingdong’s new business opportunity is leveraged on a batch of analytics that only it could acquire. With 300-million buyers to track, JD has a plethora of market statistics, traffic sources and after-visit activity logs. It’s not so much the type of data being used that makes a substantial difference for Jingdong.

It’s the quantity of data being used in a single evaluation. Companies who want to get involved will rely on what’s roughly 100-percent-accurate consumer profiles.

With JD’s consumer based, brands have a clearer picture to work with. This incentive gives U.S. companies the reason to work with, and the retailer is opening up its doors for more relationships as we speak. The venture presents U.S. products to what is now the largest population in a single country.

A Look at China’s Top-Selling Products Online:

Here’s a look, based on Chinese statistics for online sales, of the categories likely to excel:

• Cosmetics
Women’s Shoes
• Women’s Shoes
Men’s Apparel
• Men’s Apparel
• Luggage
• Lingerie’s: Twitter.

Ara Chackerian’s Career Achievements

Ara Chackerian is a successful entrepreneur and investor. He has founded many companies after graduating from Florida State where he attained his B.S in the marketing field. He has found success in the healthcare industry as well as in philanthropic activities that focus on the growth of the community. However, his great achievement in the healthcare industry is because of the great experience that he has on the same.

He has many projects that have made him famous. Among them is the excellent care for the environment by conducting sustainable ventures and his determination to create more and better opportunities for youth education.

As mentioned earlier, the healthcare industry has been Ara Chackerian main focus. PipelineRx is one of the startup company that he started in the healthcare industry. This company has provided pharmacy services that are telephone-based throughout the country. The second company is called TMS Health Solutions, and the third is called BMC Diagnostics.

ASC Capital Holdings, LLC recognized his potential in the industry. They, therefore, appointed him to be their director. The company has achieved a lot of greatness under the leadership of Chackerian. The company is based in America; their main focus is to work with other healthcare companies that are looking for a revolution in the healthcare industry as they start to invest with them.

Chackerian has shown his good intentions for his nation by partnering with very many organizations that are non-profit making with a purpose of increasing the opportunities for youth education. He has worked in the United States, Nicaragua, and Armenia.

In Nicaragua, he has worked with Limonapa Teak farm that advocates for social stewardship as well as utilization of practices that are more often than not sustainable by society. The farm has created jobs for many people. Its main aim is an industry whose existence will be of benefit and not destruction to the environment in any way.

Nicolas Krafft’s Runaway Success


L’Oreal Paris, the company over which Nicolas Krafft presides as Vice President of Global Business Development, held quite the extravaganza this past September. The second annual fashion and beauty show was held on the river Seine in Paris on September 30, 2018.

The theme of the show was diversity of women’s beauty. L’Oreal has concentrated its efforts on the accessibility of beauty and fashion, and the show was a crown jewel of this sentiment. Many models from the entertainment industry also walked the runway, such as Elle Fanning and Eva Longorio. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones also attended. Marie Bochet, who is the Paralympic Ski Champion actually debuted at this show.

There were also several professionals tending to makeup and hair for the show, including Val Garland on makeup and Stephane Lancien on hair. In addition to boasting an amazing floating catwalk, the show installed large tv screens so that anyone walking by or sitting on the bank of the river Seine could partake in the festivities at no charge. And drones recorded the show from above so that the show could be enjoyed by many in dozens of countries around the world.

Nicolas Krafft, Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oreal, has certainly had a hand in the company’s success. In addition to the title of VP Global Business Development, since 2002 he has held the titles Marketing Director Kerastase, Marketing Director for Asia, General Manager, and Deputy General Manager for Eastern Europe. Find More Information Here.


Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen, as well as the Corporate General Management Programme at INSEAD. Nicolas Krafft Loreal’s vast experience in his special concentration of professional cosmetics extends back many years. He Is a strong leader and is an expert in many facets of brand management on a global level.


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Michael Nierenberg Contributions to New Residential Investment Company

Michael Nierenberg has excelled in the field of residential areas and leadership for various companies; he has made significant changes in all the companies he has worked in including; Bear Stearns, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers among others. In all these companies Michael Nierenberg served several roles gaining extensive skills and knowledge which he applies as the managing director at Fortress investment company. He has earned his wealth through hard work and devotion to work in several businesses; his wealth is more than $43.7 Million and also owns more than 1.8 million units at the New Residential Investment company of the United States founded in 2011.

Currently, Michael Nierenberg is the CEO, principal and the chairman of the board of director at New Residential Investment company since 2016. He works closely with; Alan Tyson, Andrew Sloves, David Saltzman, Robert McGinnis, Douglas Jacobs and Kevin Finnerty who are all independent directors. Other key employees include Jonathan Brown the Chief Accounting Officer and Nicola Santaro who is serving as the Chief Financial Officer at New Residential Investment Corporation. As the CEO of the company, Michael Nierenberg is responsible for making several company decisions related to new technologies, Investments, and management organization.

New Residential Investment Corporation aims at investing and managing multiple mortgage assets based in the United States. The company provides consumer loan segments, residential securities and invests in various excess mortgage servicing rights and other servicer advances. Michael Nierenberg has played a significant role to ensure that the company qualifies to be a real estate company which is not a subject to the set federal corporate income taxes in case they distribute about 90% of the company’s taxable income to the stockholders. During the reign of Michael Nierenberg at New Residential Investment, the stick trades values have elevated at a high rate since he uses his skills and experience to create a marketing strategy that is efficient. As a leader, he sets an excellent example to other employees being hardworking and giving them the opportunity to implement new ideas for the company. His management skills are evident since Nierenberg has made three successful trades in the company.

How Carsten Thiel And Other Biotech Experts Help Create New Medical Therapies


The world of Biotechnology has been responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in the medical world. Thanks to the work of experts like Carsten Thiel, these breakthroughs have become more accessible to patients around the world.

Carsten Thiel is an authority in biotechnology having spent a good number of years in the industry.

Carsten Thiel has a Ph.D and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical company for clinical-stages that mainly develops gene and cell therapies for genetic diseases that are rare and life-threatening. It is a company that is a major part of the golden age of biotechnology that Carsten Thiel is very much a part of.

Here is how Biotech has rapidly changed the world

First, NDA sequencing has become more accessible than ever. When the first human genome was sequenced in 1995, the cost of that project has exceeded $2 billion dollars. Carsten Thiel worked hard to bring the price down to about $1,000. This makes it easier for more patients to get the specific treatments they need.

Second, the innovations of Biotech have made it easier for medical professionals to understand how the human body works. Experts like Carsten Thiel and others have been able to better engineer medical therapies based on gene editing and other Biotech innovations. These breakthroughs have allowed for the development of important drugs such as proton pump antagonists, ACE inhibitors, Statins, and histamine receptor antagonists.

Finally, the breakthroughs in the Biotech industry has created a larger tool kit for medical professionals to use to treat their patients. Carsten Thiel and other Biotech executives have brought to marker a number of therapies including gene therapy and regenerative cell therapies and nanoparticle delivery systems. See This Page to learn more.

Going forward, the Biotech world will continue to innovative the world of Biotech. Led by Carsten Thiel and others, new medical therapies will be coming in the next decade. And these therapies will help further increase the survivability of patients with complex medical issues.


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Louis R. Chenevert Life’s Biography

Louis was the elected president and the chief executive of United Technologies Corporation. He is also the director of the United Technologies since March 2016. Louis has worked in General motor for about 14 years and worked as General Manager, Louis later joined the Pratt and Whitney in 1993, and was chosen as the president up to 2006. He is the executive committee’s member where he led the Fiscal Policy Committee and Tax of roundtable business. Louis is also the member of US-India CEO and even the business council. He is the board member director of Cargill together with the foundation of the Congressional Medal and also the board chairman of the yale cancer center.

Louis went to HEC University where he perused the bachelor degree in commerce in management production. He becomes the chairman of HEC Montreal Advisory Board and also the founding director, and He is the Board of director chairman in HEC Montreal of friends. Louis is the exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs and even the director Board at the Cargill. Louis has achieved the following number of activities he has been viewed in gazette day giving peoples tips on how to improve their businesses by investing on their employees on June 5th, 2018. On may 25 2018 he tell how the technology innovation has made a quick change in industries, in wing journals he talks about the history of the race space in affiliated or he says how he helped the UTC to become an international force, also in reporter experts he speaks on the problems of aerospace that requires to be solved.

Chenevert being the member of the congressional medal he was voted to be the co-chairman. He earned compensation of $22,032,175 which includes the option granted, and stock allowed cash bonus and other benefits since he was the CEO of Technologies United Corporation. He was given a service award from an organization of unites service in 2013, and he used to target opportunity from aerospace. He received an honor award for nation building’s e was named the best person of the year 2011 by space Technology and Aviation Week.

A Scientific Look at Neurocore and the Neurogrid

Looking at the composition of Neurocore and the Neurogrid

Neurogrid emulates the real neuron networks of the human brain by using a mixed-signal application specific integrated circuit. Basically, Neurogrid is a computerized human brain, or computer software, that scientists are using to better understand the role of the human brain and body. Neurogrid grid uses digital communication to softwire structured connectivity patters and analog computation to emulate ion channel activity. Neurogrid can simulate one million neurons and six billion synapses in real time. The neurons created by the Neurogrid spike at a rate of ten times per second.

Sixteen Neurocores, each of which contains 256 x 256 neurons in an 11.9mm x 13.9 mm chip, is contained in Neurogrid. Then there is both an off-chip RAM and on on-chip RAM (within each Neurocore) that softwire vertical and horizontal cortical connections. It has 61 graded and 18 binary programmable parameters that allow a Neurocore to model a variety of different interaction and spiking patterns. One of the most significant aspects of the Neurogrid is that is consumes less than two watts of electrical energy. The Neurogrid was created in Stanford University by the Brains in Silicon group in late 2009. Since its creation it has been used to start performing simulation experiments.

The Neurocore Synapses

The Neurocore synapses are able to model a rich variety of neuronal interactions. The Synapses are the neuron’s input, inhibiting, exciting, or shunting activity by increasing their conductance’s transiently in response to the spikes from other neurons. A low pass filter is used to model an entire population of biological synapses thus summating the post-synaptic conductance’s and using single gating-variable models as an independent programmable low-pass filter that can be modeled in up to four distinct synapse populations.