A Scientific Look at Neurocore and the Neurogrid

Looking at the composition of Neurocore and the Neurogrid

Neurogrid emulates the real neuron networks of the human brain by using a mixed-signal application specific integrated circuit. Basically, Neurogrid is a computerized human brain, or computer software, that scientists are using to better understand the role of the human brain and body. Neurogrid grid uses digital communication to softwire structured connectivity patters and analog computation to emulate ion channel activity. Neurogrid can simulate one million neurons and six billion synapses in real time. The neurons created by the Neurogrid spike at a rate of ten times per second.

Sixteen Neurocores, each of which contains 256 x 256 neurons in an 11.9mm x 13.9 mm chip, is contained in Neurogrid. Then there is both an off-chip RAM and on on-chip RAM (within each Neurocore) that softwire vertical and horizontal cortical connections. It has 61 graded and 18 binary programmable parameters that allow a Neurocore to model a variety of different interaction and spiking patterns. One of the most significant aspects of the Neurogrid is that is consumes less than two watts of electrical energy. The Neurogrid was created in Stanford University by the Brains in Silicon group in late 2009. Since its creation it has been used to start performing simulation experiments.

The Neurocore Synapses

The Neurocore synapses are able to model a rich variety of neuronal interactions. The Synapses are the neuron’s input, inhibiting, exciting, or shunting activity by increasing their conductance’s transiently in response to the spikes from other neurons. A low pass filter is used to model an entire population of biological synapses thus summating the post-synaptic conductance’s and using single gating-variable models as an independent programmable low-pass filter that can be modeled in up to four distinct synapse populations.

The Classic Tale With The Modern Man Vinod Gupta


In the modern era of information technology advancement, Everest Group stands atop the industry ready to lend a hand. This company is the present venture of Vinod Gupta, a man who rose to power through hard work and determination. His company prides itself on supporting high potential start-ups that could revolutionize the world. However, he didn’t come into this position overnight. Vinod Gupta only wanted a secure future initially, but he stumbled upon the opportunity of the a lifetime. His story his retold in a recent Ideamensch interview, entitled “Vinod Gupta; CEO of Everest Group”.

The story of Vinod Gupta begins in a India village as a child. The country had limited educational and growth potential, thus he realized that a secure future was only possible outside of the country. This mindset took him on a path of the United States, where be ultimately obtained a degree from the University of Nebraska.

Upon graduating, an inexperienced Vinod Gupta was hired by Commodore Corporation as a Marketing Research Analyst. the company assigned him the very tedious task of compiling information for all rival companies who might be interested in doing business with his boss. However, where someone might have given up, he saw the widespread potential of this kind of information.

Vinod’s idea culminated with the company Info Group, which he founded with a small bank loan. The company forever changed the landscape with how information was accessible to consumers and businesses alike. Vinod Gupta worked around the clock to make it as useful as possible. After a while, he sold off the company for millions of dollars as he moved on to his present venture. Read This Article for more information.

Technology has only continued to reshape how consumers and business get their information. Vinod Gupta remains up to the challenge of following the trends, or trying to get one step ahead.


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JD.com and the Power of Growing Retail Business

JD.com is one of the largest online retail companies in China today. The company which was established in 2004 has the best logistical network in the country and has been helping physical retail stores do better business and get higher profits. Offline bookstores in the contemporary world face a number of challenges including reduced customers and competition. Fortunately, in China offline bookstores are getting revived by JD.com through its Sales as a Service program. Jingdong has a very good understanding of retail and their wide range of technologies. The company has been working with 49 offline bookshops including Tangning Books, AIO SPACE as well as Yitiao.

JD.com already has an online bookshop but they are helping these other businesses with purchasing of books, useful technologies as well as logistics. This is something that Jingdong has been doing for other businesses including hotels and restaurants along with consumer goods makers and suppliers. The idea is to help offline stones develop better supply network and boost profits. Tangning Books is situated in Guangzhou and has been benefiting from JD.com’s expertise and larger inventory. As often happens the bookshop was faced with challenges of delayed deliveries as well as low sales numbers but now with JD.com in their corner, these have been solved.

Tangning fills into inventory directly from Jingdong warehouses. This solves the problem of delayed delivery. Since customers can easily get the items they are looking they have been able to increase their sales numbers and reduce turnover as compared to previous years. Since offline stores have smaller storage area they may not have everything customers need, Tangning can get the books delivered to customers within 24 hours by getting copies from the Jingdong inventory and their logistics network. Speaking on the partnership the founder of Tangning Books points out that the business would not have survived the competition.

About JD.com

JD.com was established in 1998 as an offline store and became sorely online store in 2004. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong who is its current CEO. It is listed on NASDAQ as JD and employs over 100,000 people.

Vinod Gupta: Towards A Principled Success


Drawing from his humbling beginnings and nearly 40 years of corporate management and entrepreneurship, Vinod Gupta believes that blazing a trail in business calls for living a principled life. He holds that hard work characterized by commitment and focus can be rewarding whether you are an employee or entrepreneur.

Drawing from his example while working at Commodore Corp, Mr. Vinod Gupta argues that employees who are working hard get recognized and stand a better chance of taking their careers to the next level. Such employees who are consistent in putting a tireless effort in their work have a better short of getting ahead in their careers.

Vinod Gupta also believes that have short-term and long-term career goals and a big picture mentality can help an entrepreneur or professional make life-changing and career-defining decisions. He notes that having a clear vision can help a businessperson or employee create room for advancements while also working on the present situation. Mr. Gupta holds that flexibility is also an essential principle for those seeking to advance their careers. Reaching a compromise at the workplace in terms of workmates, ideas, work size, complexity or situations can propel you to greater heights.

Mr. Gupta believes that his success has been founded on the principle of overcoming the fear of learning new ideas. Overcoming doubt and fear of the unknown can propel your career to greater heights by opening doors to new opportunities. Mastering new skills can give you a big break like in the case of Vinod Gupta who was never held back by his fears and moved overseas for college education in the U.S. View Additional Info Here.

Embracing fear gives you the opportunity to be the captain of your destiny rather than letting fear rule and ruin your life. Vinod Gupta further opines that practicing kindness can in spite of the power and privileges that comes with success is also a very vital principle.


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Vin Gupta: Converting A $100 Bank Loan To $680 Million


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is an American businessman, born in India in 1946. After recognizing the market niche in the business-to-business information, he was able to convert a $100 bank loan into a $680 million company. The company was initially known as American Business Information, and was later renamed to InfoUSA, and then to InfoGroup. In his career life, Vinod has dedicated himself to providing employment opportunities to underserved people.


Vin Gupta is a known philanthropist and provides wide-ranging resources through his charitable courses. Following his graduation from the University of Nebraska, he began his career at the Commodore Corporation, a firm dealing with the manufacture of mobile homes as a Market Research Analyst. American Business Information was formed as a result of an idea that cropped up during his role at the Commodore Corporation. With the continued growth of the business, InfoGroup has seen the acquisition of numerous companies.


Through Vin Gupta’s vast experience in operations, Vin Gupta invested in Everest Group, a company created to continue to explore into the database technology sector on a worldwide level. Everest Group has seen an upward growth trend having acquired numerous companies in sectors such as background checks, digital printing, operations platforms, and other market gaps in the information technology sector. According to Gupta, devoting the amount of time required to work on the other companies successfully, he needs the certainty that daily operations run smoothly without his direct input. Visit This Page for related information.


Vin entrusts his day-to-day operations to his team as he focuses on long-term goals. According to Vinod Gupta, most entrepreneurs become overconfident in their ideas, products or services, and ignore the importance of initial market research which leads to the failure of businesses making ideas obsolete. Vin Gupta attests that the use of artificial intelligence will open up a bigger market within location-based applications, and the investments will be in a position to make decisions using the database more automatically.


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Vinod Gupta: The American Dream


There are thousands of successful businessmen in the world, yet only a handful are recognized and revered such as Vinod Gupta, one of the world’s most successful businessmen. Vinod Gupta’s story is unique as his origins begin in a part of the world where not many wealthy individuals originate from, India. His dreams and hopes of taking himself and his family out of poverty where was stirred his journey to greatness.

Vinod Gupta was born on the fourth of July in Rampur Manhyaran in a small village of India. Due to his parent’s strong belief in education, Vinod would pursue higher education which eventually earned him a degree in agriculture. Soon after, Gupta joined the Indian Air Force where he entered as a flying officer and retired three years later with the rank of squadron leader. After his retirement, Vinod Gupta with the aid of a scholarship and a small loan was able to make the trip to America where he would attend the University of Nebraska and earn an additional degree in business administration. Get Additional Information Here.

Vinod’s journey into the business world would begin during a time where his employer, Commodore Corp, asked him to sort and organize a list of all the countries mobile home dealers. Gupta soon realized that the information available (if any) was inaccurate. His go-to source for accurate information came from the yellow pages, however, having to sort through hundreds if not thousands of pages was a hassle that his employer would not pay for, but if the list would be completed that they would potentially buy it from him. Vinod saw the opportunity and buckled down to work hard every day on the project. He would soon not only finish the list and sell it to industry competitors, but it would also lead Vinod Gupta to found a Business Research Services that has made him the success he is today.

Vinod Gupta granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included Effective Business Lessons for businessmen and entrepreneurs who wanted to succeed in the business world, like him.


Vinod Gupta Discusses important Lessons He Has Learned In Business


What is a vision? Vision is the ability to see the bigger picture. In a business set up, it is about seeing the whole potential of an idea. Although many people commonly use the term, few understand the weight that it carries. The importance of this factor in business is discussed by Vinod Gupta, one of the most successful entrepreneurs today. Gupta has built his business empire from the bottom and now is at the top of business in the world.


Vinod Gupta has been through challenges when building his company, but he finally emerged the winner. He knows what is needed to succeed in business. He is sharing important Business Tips with the people who would love to be like him. On the issue of having a vision, he is advising the people to focus on the ultimate goal. Anyone who is in business has goals to accomplish. These goals can be short term and long term. He gives an example of getting two jobs. To decide on the better option, you should go for the one that offers benefits in long-term. The mistake that many entrepreneurs make is going for short-term gains but losses in long-term.


Vinod Gupta was born in India. His family was poor, and he would ever know the luxuries of life in his young life. He was battling with a lack of water, electricity and other basic needs. Despite these changes, he was ready to go the whole length and succeed in his endeavors. He worked hard until he made a breakthrough in his life. He is today among the most successful people in the world. He is the managing partner of Everest Group. He is also the founder of InfoGroup, which he sold in 2010 for $680 million. He remains a great epitome of inspiring business leaders. Read This Article for more information


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