Betsy DeVos Makes School Choice A Rallying Point For Conservatives

When President Trump took office, it was expected that he would bring in outsiders to Washington D.C. in order to make his agenda a reality. While there has been plenty of turnover in his cabinet, one name has remained throughout all of the political upheavals. Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States’ Department of Education. For the past several years, Betsy DeVos has been working tirelessly in order to make education reform a priority for voters throughout the nation. In order to find success, Betsy DeVos is going to need to continue to harness the enthusiasm that brought her into office in the first place.


Growing up as one of the youngest members of a family of reformers meant that Betsy DeVos has plenty of expectations on her plate. From the beginning, Betsy DeVos showed that she wanted to make her work matter and that is what brought her to attend Calvin College. At Calvin College, Betsy DeVos became aware and entranced by the writing of Milton Friedman, one of the forefathers of school choice. DeVos would take to his words and make them the core of her political efforts. DeVos has since become synonymous with the school choice and education reform movement and it comes as a result of her lifelong focus on the task.


Dating back to the 1990s, Betsy DeVos has been working at a national level in order to create a real chance for conservative education reform to take hold. In the ’90s, DeVos was serving on the board at Children First America as well as the American Education Reform Council. The work that she did at both foundations would help to spread the idea of charter schools around the nation in a big way. As a result of her efforts, there are privately-funded school choice institutions located in 17 different states. More than 33 institutions are currently accepting students for a school choice environment that is housing almost a quarter of a million current students.


While Betsy DeVos has done great work throughout the country, she believes that her greatest success in the fight for education reform comes back to Florida. DeVos cites a tax-credit scholarship opportunity as being one of the primary instigators to the expansion of school choice programs. DeVos points out that almost 50,000 students are currently attending school choice programs in the state of Florida.


At a national level, Betsy DeVos will face more hurdles than she ever had to tackle while at home in Michigan. DeVos comes into the White House during divided political times which means that she’ll have to stray strong in order to find success. DeVos has been flying all over the country since being confirmed by the Senate in order to support school choice legislation.


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The Betsy DeVos You Might Not Know

Some say that there are multiple versions of Betsy DeVos. This might be a little extreme, but the point is well taken. What people mean by that when they say it is that DeVos often has a personal persona that you may see if you meet her face to face, and then she also has a political persona that you may come in contact with if you ever stand between her and getting some part of her political agenda accomplished.


The political Betsy DeVos is a woman on a mission. She is the kind of person that you do not want to make angry, because she only becomes more effective when she is angry. Where some may spout off and become less effective when upset, Betsy hones in her energy and unleashes it on any opponents of her proposals and ideas.


DeVos is now the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. It was a role that was not exactly easy for her to secure. She had a tied fifty to fifty vote on the floor of the Senate, and that meant that she had to have the Vice President (Mike Pence) vote in favor of her in order to break the tie and allow her to assume the job that she has now. She was not fazed by this in the least. In fact, she had to work hard to make sure that she secured a favorable vote like this in the first place. She has indeed done just that.


Those who are fearful about things such as charter schools are definitely shaking in their boots at the thought that Betsy DeVos is now the one in charge of so much educational policy for this country. She has always been an advocate for charter schools, and there are no signs that she is backing down from that position. In fact, it appears that she is pushing forward proposals for more charter schools throughout the country. Not only that, but she is now in a greater position of power than she ever was before when she was just coming up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can expect for better or for worse that she is going to have a lot of impact on educational policy for years to come.


You have to truly embrace this full image of Betsy DeVos to really understand the kind of person that she is. Anything less than this full image and you are missing the bigger picture.


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Meet Michael Lacey, the Mathematician

Lacey is a mathematics professor who has the ergodic theory, probability and more specifically, harmonic analysis as his areas of specialization. He is American and was born on 26th of September, 1959. He went to the University of Illinois in 1987 at Urbana-Champaign where he got his PhD under the guidance of Philipp who was his supervisor. His essay was based on the areas of Banach spaces in probability and he came up with the formula that solved the problem concerning Law of Iterated Logarithm of the empirical characteristic functions.


He did his first mentored research position at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and the Louisiana State University. It was while at the North Carolina University, that they gave their almost sure proof of the central limit theorem with Walter Philipp. He also had a position for about eight years at the Indiana University where he was given a National Science Foundation after doctorate fellowship and it is during this fellowship that he started the study of bilinear Hilbert Transform.


He was awarded the Salem Prize with Christoph Thiele in 1996 after they solved the problem where the Transform was unproven but thought to be true by Alberto Calderon. Lacey worked as a mathematics professor at Georgia University since 1996 and earned a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for the work they did with Xiaochun Li. He joined the American Mathematical Society in 2012.


From the day he joined the Georgia Technology faculty in 1996, many awards bodies like the Simons Foundations and the Guggenheim have recognized him. He has served as director in training grants, for example, MCTP and VIGRE awards from NSF, which have provided support to many postdoctoral students, graduates and undergraduates. He has shared his knowledge and given advice to many undergraduates and all his students who have got industrial and academic jobs.


The professor is a good person and has mentored many graduates and more than ten postdocs. Anyone who has had a chance to work with him can give a testimony of how good the professor is in mathematics and other areas he works on. He likes solving mathematical problems that seem to be troubling people in this field and if it was not for him, some mathematical problems would still be a problem for students up to date. He has used his knowledge to help people and he is a man students should always emulate.

Dick DeVos Cares About People

One of the things that makes the world a great place is that people care about other people. While there are many people who do not think about others, the segment of people who care about others goes a long way towards making the world a better place for everyone. What makes one person care about others while other people do not care about the well being of others has many different reasons. However, there are a few reasons that standout.


One of the main reasons is that some people have experiences in their lives that shape the way they feel about other people. The experiences maybe good or bad experiences. Either way the experiences affect how they look at the world. The experiences drive the people to do for others. It can be helping others though time. It could be helping people with financial contributions, or a combination of both time and money. Whatever the help, these people do it because the experiences in their lives are so powerful that emotions are drawn from inside that push them to help others.


Philanthropy is rooted in giving. People give because they care. The reasons why they give ultimately come from many sources, but the philanthropy is rooted in people wanting to help make a difference in this world. A philanthropist who is making a difference in the lives of many people around the world is Dick DeVos. While his name is well known in the business world and in social circles, Dick DeVos does not get caught up in the mention of his name. His passion comes from doing the best he can do regarding the business world, loving his family, and helping others.


Dick DeVos has given well over 130 million dollars to help others over numerous decades. His compassion for people and his willingness to help others has been chronicled. Dick DeVos is a true success story. A multi millionaire with a great family, Dick DeVos has many reasons to be grateful. He does not take life for granted.


Dick DeVos gives from a place that is sincere. He has a lot of money. However, there are many people with money. Dick DeVos tries to use his money to make a difference in the lives of others. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos have donated millions of dollars. The money has helped many people to change the direction of their lives.


Dick DeVos has been at the helm of corporations such as Amway and the Orlando Magic. The same things that he does leading corporations to success are the same things that he applies in his own personal life for success. Dick DeVos should be celebrated for the efforts he has shown towards helping others in his communities and beyond.


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