How Rocketship Education Empowers its Students

Rocketship Education strives to close the achievement gap and works to provide students from typically disadvantaged backgrounds, a chance at a bright, successful future. Dedicated to improving the academic performance of its students, Rocketship Public Schools is a network of charter schools serving elementary age children in a growing number of low-income communities.

Learning and Growing Together

Educating our nation’s children is a team effort unlike any other. To ensure equal opportunity, Rocketship Education combines the efforts of the staff, students, families, and community, to bring new technology and personalized learning to the classroom. Using assessment and data to drive instructional decisions, Rocketship Education is able to meet the needs of students who might otherwise fall behind their peers. Incorporating varied learning opporutnities, including arts and music, into the curriculum provides a well-rounded experience for all students.

Innovators of Change

Meeting the challenge of preparing students for the future, requires courage and commitment. Rocketship Education leads by example. Ambitious goals are fueled by courageous ideas, and innovation is dependent upon a committed staff willing to see it through. From blended learning to flexible classrooms, Rocketship uses current trends in education to meet the needs of its diverse population of students. They understand that progress is a balance of implementing new ideas and learning what works best for their current group of students.

Excellence in Education

Every student is important. Every student is unique. Rocketship Education believes all students can learn and excel. Rocketship Public Schools work hard at ensuring that their students have what they need to succeed. From the classroom environment, to an engaging curriculum, and the availability of technology, each student has the opportunity to progress to their highest potential. Armed with the tools they need to navigate a world where technology and innovation are essential, Rocketship education prepares and empowers students to be a part of that future.