How Unroll Me is Saving Users Time and Hassle

Has your email inbox been taken over by a sea of solicitors? Sometimes you sign up for an offer or coupon, and then you get 100 more emails that have nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish. You don’t have time at this point to unsubscribe from them all. This also makes it challenging to read the ones that count. Is there a way to free your mind and your inbox?

It’s challenging, but Unroll, a new inbox service can help you make sense of it all. This fascinating tool was launched in the last year to help email users salvage their sanity in order to keep their inbox under control. This service is free, and it was designed to make decluttering your inbox as simple as possible.

What makes it so simple? It’s the ability to roll all of your emails into one where you can see them all at once before you “unroll” your emails with one click. How you get started with it is even easier. You just go to the website for Unroll me and you can login with your Google, Yahoo, or other accounts.

Once you are on the inside, it’s super simple. You roll up all of your emails where you can see everything. You can then check what you wish to unsubscribe to, and what you would like to keep. There is no easier way than using Unrollme. Whatever you choose to rollup will be sent to you in the morning in the form of a newsletter. It’s incredible how it works, and it will save you a ton of time.

There are so many other things you could be doing with your days. Reading through your list of emails can tire you out. Once you are inside your inbox, you will most likely get discouraged and leave them all there. Unroll me is a pure genius app.