Sharon Prince Spearheads The Fight Against Contemporary Slavery

Sharon Prince is a recognized professional with skills and expertise in the management of businesses. He has extensive experience and has helped in the development of organizations from humble beginnings to become one of the leading institutions in terms of size and operations. Sharon Prince spearheaded the growth of the 66North outwears brand while working as the head of the institution. Sharon helped to mobilize the resources of the firm to achieve a significant increase. The 66North company was able to develop over one hundred stores in North America in its effort to expand; all the success credited to Sharon Prince. She has managed to hone her leadership and managed skills considerably. Sharon Prince joined Grace Farms and was appointed as the head of the institution. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Grace Farms’ Achievements

Grace Farms is a privately managed entity that incorporates the nature, faith, justice, and community to improve people lives. Sharon Prince has led the organization to achieve great success in its efforts to help people live quality lives. The company has led the fight towards social evils such as human trafficking, slavery and child exploitation. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has also contributed immensely to environmental sustainability issues and architectural design developments. The company has won various awards and recognition under the leadership of Sharon Prince. Some of these awards include AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award, Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award.

Sharon Prince also has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. Prince has serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal. Two years ago Sharon Prince received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”. Her resume also include working as the President of 66North, a technical outerwear.

Fight Against Contemporary Slavery

Sharon Prince’s company has partnered with the country of Georgia and Unchain to create systems and procedures to facilitate accountability and transparency in the supply chain process. The partnership aims to help the country lead as an example and help educate other corporates of the need for transparency in financial and supply chain management. Grace Farms’ memorandum of understanding with the government of Georgia and Unchain will lead to the review of the legal and policy framework that will strengthen the creation of transparent procedures in the supply chain in agricultural and technological sectors.


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