Igor Cornelsen is Always Moving Forward

The foundation for the success of Brazilian investor, Igor Cornelsen, was set early on as is evidenced by his acceptance to a competitive engineering school, the Federal University of Parana. However if that weren’t impressive enough, two years later he decided to study economics at the same university. It was this drive to pursue quality education that seems to be at the heart of all of the business decisions that Igor Cornelsen has made and continues to make.

After graduating, Igor Cornelsen began working at an investment bank. In this position, he was able to combine both of his passions, engineering and economics, to excel in the business world. An eye for detail and the ability to stay open to changing trends allowed him to flourish. In 1974 he was appointed to the board of directors of Multibanco and only two years later in 1976, he was CEO. His early career mirrored his education in that it showed a discipline that he had to have mastered in order to move up in the company so quickly.

Since his time at Multibanco, Cornelsen has worked for Unibanco, Libra Bank PLC, and Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, which he left after 7 years on the board of directors to start his own investment firm. Cornelsen has been able to accomplish all of this not only because he stays on top of current business trends and changing global economies, but also because he looks to identify where those trends might be heading. This ability to focus attention on shifting economies has allowed him to make some lucrative business moves. But he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this without the passion and drive which were evident during his education. Not one to sit back and let things happen to him, Cornelsen has proven over and over again that he takes the reigns and moves forward.

Cornelsen now offers his hard-earned wisdom to others through financial advising. He advises in order to help others achieve their own financial goals, as he is not one to keep the fruits of his labor to himself.