Victoria Doramus And Her Support For Right Organizations


Victoria Doramus is a household name in New York whenever an organization or a product wants to market itself. Victoria has worked for both journalism and marketing firms where her primary role involves helping people put their products and service in front of the consumer through both the written and unwritten media.

Victoria Doramus has also specialized in branding and rebranding strategies for some firms, as well as being a publicist and fashion designer for some celebrities. Victoria Doramus studied at the University of Colorado where she had been pursuing journalism and mass communication where she specialized in advertising and copyright.

She got a job with a journalism firm where she did both print and broadcast media, but she got intrigued by the fashion trends as well as the marketing trends which had begun evolving at a faster rate. In this light, she decided to pursue fashion, art, and design in a university in the United Kingdom, after which she came back to the United States to practice the skills she had acquired. Go To This Page to learn more.

According to her, the best career is that which one gets a chance to interact with clients as much as possible because, in the process, one can get direct feedback from clients on whether or not they are getting the required amount of satisfaction that they yearn for.

Aside from being a corporate professional, Victoria Doramus is also quite dedicated when it comes to dealing with charity organizations. One of the leading organizations for which Victoria Doramus has been a volunteer is the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a rehabilitation center for people dealing with alcohol addiction.

Being a recovery expert, Victoria Doramus has helped the organization by being a mentor who relates to the type of suffering and withdrawals that the addicts may be facing. Victoria Doramus also volunteers for an organization which mainly focuses on the accessibility to education for children from less privileged backgrounds.

The organization is called Room to Read and has been a sponsor for many children across Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, so many children have benefited from the organization and are now prime members of society with enviable careers.

Victoria also volunteers for dog and pet homes. Stray pets that are collected and kept at animal shelters would in most cases require enough food and veterinary care, and Victoria is always happy to help ensure that the animals are safe at the shelters.


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