Shafik Sachedina Helps Make Sussex Health Care A Better Place For Caregivers And The Elderly

Sussex Health Care, currently being led by Shafik Sachedina has stood as a pillar of support for those who are in need of good quality healthcare for their loved ones. The company believes in offering a safe and comfortable environment for the elderly so that they can lead better lives as they get older. The institution has always strived to offer good quality healthcare that is in keeping with the highest medical standards. They believe that the care that they can provide is far better than that of other Health Care facilities, mainly because of the close and personalized attention each of the residents are given.

As one gets older, the have greater needs for personal and medical care. Being from some of the largest generations, the elderly are now in need of good facilities that can offer them all that they need. With the new advancements in medicine, as well as the availability of new treatments, the elderly have more freedom if they have the right kind of assistance that they sometimes need. More services with Shafik Sachedina at Care Opinion.

In spite of the growing need for healthcare facilities for the elderly, caregivers aren’t given the best paychecks for the work that they do. Because of this prominent payscale that currently exists, people are starting to look towards other, more well paying fields. This also means that healthcare institutions don’t always get the right kind of caregivers that they need. This is one aspect in which Sussex Health Care differs. The company takes special care to train individuals who are qualified to be in these positions and ensures that they are up to speed with each patient and their individual needs. The company also offers impressive benefits that make the caregiver positions more rewarding.

The recent development that Sussex Health Care has been experiencing has been a result of the guidance and leadership offered by Shafik Sachedina. Shafik Sachedina currently stands as the joint chairman at Sussex Health Care.

Shafik Sachedina has had an impressive career spanning over a number of years and has brought forward a number of developments that have improved the kind of work that Sussex Health Care does.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset of Sheldon Lavin

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the premier global food provider, the OSI Group, is Sheldon Lavin. It made him realize that majoring in finance and accounting will make him successful one day and so he used his ability and entrepreneurial mindset in achieving his goals and in becoming a CEO. According to an interview with Lavin, he became associated with Otto & Sons, the original name of the OSI Industries, where he showed his unwavering dedication and loyalty. Becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the company has been a great opportunity for him to implement the plans that he has always wanted to execute for he has seen a positive vision about the OSI Group ever since. The purpose of Sheldon Lavin is to provide a wider and better variety of beef, poultry, fish, and vegetable products to their clients and other effective processing solutions that make it more suitable for the clients.

During the interview, Lavin was able to talk about how the OSI Group became a multi-billion dollar food processing enterprise and how the products were distributed and produced in every country that experiences their exceptional services and in each of their facility. Sheldon Lavin has been leading the growth of the OSI particularly in some parts of Asia and in Europe. He stated that diversification and expansion are what he would like to see in the future growth of the company as well as its good culture and management. Lavin’s vision for the OSI is to have a consistent profitable growth by serving distinguished and superior outcomes in all aspects. He wants the company to remain as one the leading global food provider in the food industry.

Furthermore, the company has been very philanthropic for they actively give back to certain communities that they operate. They have been providing and giving to charities and Lavin has been involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities for two decades. Sheldon Lavin said that after his retirement, he wants the OSI to carry on his vision and mission and to become even better for the next years to come.


Carsten Thiel – Pharmaceutical And Biopharmaceutical Expert


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin where he grew up, studied during his youth and finally joined Malbrook to study Chemistry. Later, he left for the United Kingdom to study organic chemistry at the University of Bristol where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science and decided to major in Biochemistry.

Carsten Thiel advanced his studies by taking his PhD in molecular biology at Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. After completing his studies, Thiel joined the world of pharmaceuticals through Hoffman La-Roche, a biotechnology firm. He started as the communications and product manager where he displayed his prowess and was later promoted to the departments of scientific marketing and market assessment.

Carsten has been very impactful in the field of Biochemistry. He has integrated his experience, leadership and profession to oversee the launch of several high-profile medical products. Thiel’s involvement in medicine has also improved the lives of many patients through improving patient care, provider-patient relationship and upholding medical ethics.

He spearheaded the launch of Xenical, a weight loss product. This came as his first venture in the marketing sector for masses although he had been marketing vitamins and other fine chemicals to medical providers. Thiel’s efforts bore fruits and he saw the successful launch of Xenical. He focused on launching it with the right stakeholders and particular group of customers who would really benefit from its use. Though the method did not guarantee many sales, Thiel convinced Roche’s leadership to back him. They were then successful and able to earn over a billion Swiss Francs from the sale of Xenical within a year. View Related Info Here.

After Xenical, Carsten Thiel was also involved in the launch of Vectibix, a medicine for colorectal cancer. He also gone to oversee the creation of symbiotic relationships between business success, uphold of medical ethics and patient satisfaction.




Desiree Perez – the Chief Operating Officer at Jay-Zs Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is the COO or Chief Operating Officer of the notorious Roc Nation brand founded by well-known rapper and businessman Jay-Z. Perez is known to be Jay-Z’s right hand when it comes to negotiations and working with numbers as listed in the individuals’ biography on Crunchbase. For example, the operating officers resume speaks for itself as she was a part of two massive deals in the Formation stadium for Beyonce and the Samsung deal with Rihanna.

Desiree PerezDesiree Perez is in charge of the operations, management, and publishing at Roc Nation, along with running the music platform named Tidal. According to the page from Crunchbase, she has been involved with the company since the year 2009. Desiree Perezs presence in the music industry is felt as she was recognized as one of the top 100 most female leaders in the music industry. This is all according to an article from Weekly opinion as she was recognized by other presidents, executives, managers, and others in the music business.

Desiree Perez

Under Desiree Perez as the Chief Operating Officer, Roc Nation has been able to grow tremendously and be more than just a label with the ability to do it all in managing artists, producers, engineers, while being in control of touring, TV and film deals, and more. Roc Nation has worked with many talented artists and athletes that many are familiar with. Perez truly enjoys what she does for a living, whether it is producing tours or managing artists or publishing.

She has worked with Jay-Z for about 22 years and running as the two trust each other. Despite all the female leader has done for the company, she still chooses to remain out of the spotlight and live a normal life with her partner “OG” Juan Perez.

Why Paul Herdsman Embraces His Hobbies

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. For Paul Herdsman, that saying could not be any closer to the truth. The COO of Nice Global says that it is vital for people to embrace their hobbies because they have a direct impact on their careers.

He says that just the same way you focus on your hobbies, it is the same way that you will focus on your work and therefore, you have to be active on all fronts. Paul Herdsman says that it is unfortunate that some professionals are too busy in their offices to engage in their hobbies. For him, fishing and playing golf have always worked wonders when it comes to his career.


The relationship between hobbies and careers

When herdsman is playing golf or fishing in the waters, he has to pay attention to details. Paul has to be keen not to make mistakes because they will spoil everything. For instance, if you are about to catch a fish and you lose your focus, you will be more likely to lose it. In the same way, when you are about to tee off, and you get destructed, your shot will miss the target.

When Herdsman analyzed these situations, he noticed that if he loses focus when handling his clients, he will be more likely to lose them. Therefore, he concluded that he has to manage his work the same way he handles his hobbies if he wanted to make the best out of his investments.

Another connection that Paul Herdsman discovered between hobbies and careers is passion. People are so passionate about their hobbies that they would do everything to create time for them. They bring joy and satisfaction to their lives. If you can develop the same passion for your work, there will be a massive change in your fortunes, and you will wonder why you did not start earlier.


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A Visit with an OSI Group for McDonald’s about Meat Production

There is an infamous experiment that was done in 1999 by a man named David Whipple that tested out how many preservatives there were in a McDonald’s hamburger. He left the McDonalds hamburger in a cupboard in his kitchen for 14 years and it still looked the same in 2013, when all those years had passed. Many customers than questioned how these McDonalds hamburgers were made and were also skeptical about going back to the fast food restaurant.

McDonald’s is a very popular restaurant, but with a society that has become more critical on how their food is made, it has lost some of its vigor. Having fresh and organic ingredients is a top priority for many people, even for fast food restaurants, as well as concern with food additives and excessive salt use.

Despite its many criticisms with using preservatives, Keith Warriner, a program director of Food Science at the University of Guelph has stated that McDonald’s burgers not rotting had little to do with preservatives. The reason that french fries, burgers, and other foods of McDonald’s do not rot is because of the conditions they are kept under. If you take away water, nutrients, or warmth, microbes cannot grow, therefore food doesn’t spoil.

Business Insider went to visit an OSI group, which is one of biggest suppliers of hamburgers for McDonald’s in Germany. 90 percent of the production of this OSI group is for McDonald’s and it was discovered that it has strict hygienic rules. Employees who are known to have a stomach virus are not allowed to go back to work at the factory until a doctor has investigated what the cause of that virus was. Also, jewelry and plastic pens are not allowed in the factory in order to prevent contamination with the meat.

During the visit to the OSI group, it was also discovered that only large pieces of meat are sent to the factor as a request from McDonald’s because it avoids contamination. There are also no binding agents in the meat that is made into hamburgers, they hold together by binding fresh and frozen meat. Throughout the visit wit the OSI Group in Germany, there are rules that need to be followed and testing that is done with the meat to ensure that the quality is the best for the customers.


David Mcdonald: OSI Group Takeover of China Market

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. Prior to this, David served as a Project manager of OSI Industries and the Chairman of North America Meat Institute. He has also been, since 2008, an Independent director at Marfrig Global Food SA after the company acquired the operations of OSI group in Europe and Brazil. He also serves as a Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited based in Australia and is a member of the OSI Board of Directors. David McDonald is an alumnus of Iowa State University where he acquired his degree in Animal Science.

OSI industries success in China

OSI Group is a leading global food processing company. It first opened its food processing plant in Beijing in the year 1992. This is the same year that the company started to serve McDonald’s with food. The company has managed to succeed in China and according to David McDonald, the catalyst has been the importance of understanding the local market. Despite being an American company, it has resolved to create solutions that are fit for the local customers. Besides being flexible to the local needs the company has not compromised on quality and customer relations in their provision of services.

The main challenge that the company experienced was being patient to win customer loyalty, who tend to buy goods from the local providers. It also took time to understand the culture and respond accordingly. To adjust to the supply chain of China, David McDonald has led OSI to pursue partnerships and constantly engage with suppliers and the government agencies as well as other stakeholders.

The company has currently set up a new facility in China to allow them to provide solutions on a mass scale. It is also located conveniently and they gather raw materials locally. Developing such solutions that are fit for the locals has helped the company in staying ahead of the competitors.

David McDonald advice to other entrepreneurs would be to innovate and develop solutions that address the needs of the customers. They should also constantly evaluate their mistakes and should not fear taking risks.

Elena Ford Listening to Employees and Customers



Elena Ford was recently promoted to another executive position at Ford. She will be responsible for improving the experience of customers at the company. Elena is excited about her new role, and she has multiple plans to make the company more profitable.

Elena started working at Ford after graduating from college. She is related to the founder of the company, Henry Ford. Although the company is stable, there are various ways that the company needs to improve. Elena is listening to feedback from both customers and employees to make changes.

Customer Experience

When purchasing a vehicle, customers want to have a quality experience. Some people do not enjoy purchasing a car because of pushy salespeople. Although most people look at online options before buying a car, others still enjoy the traditional method of visiting a car lot. Elena Ford decided to change how Ford sells cars to customers. She improved the customer experience by offering various amenities during the process. Elena also developed a website to give customers more options while browsing for potential cars.

Costumer Service Experience


Elena has advanced rapidly through various leadership positions at Ford. Early in her career, she decided that she wanted to become a business executive. She went back to school to earn an MBA, and she consistently looks for ways to improve as a leader.

Employee Compensation

Elena Ford believes that employees should be paid fairly. Although most Ford employees are part of a union, there are thousands of employees at the corporate headquarters who do not have union representation. Elena convinced the management team to increase wages for employees through various new programs. These programs are designed to incentivize employees to work more productively. Although this program is still being tested, the vast majority of employees approve of the changes.

Elena Ford is an excellent example of the impact that a person can make on a company. She has worked her entire career at Ford, and she plans to stay at the company until she retires. Elena also mentors young leaders within the company. Learning from Elena Ford is one of the most useful things that any aspiring leader can do.


An Effective Way to Tackle Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Center deals with few health-related severe problems. Individuals who suffer from specific behavioral issues or mental issues can turn to this center. It treats either via psychotherapy or medication. Another very effective strategy is neurocore. Neurofeedback is the process in which the brain’s ability to learn things is targeted and improved when exposed to the information related to the environment. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

These Neurocore have special training programs which are based on brain assessment. These help all patients to cope up with sleep problems and deal with stress. It was established in 2004 and within no time achieved the status of national authority in applied neuroscience. At the moment it has nine brain performance centers which operate at Florida and Michigan.

The best option to treat neurocore is through neurofeedback because it has zero side effects. Most specifically, its effective applications have been witnessed in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder, sleep problems, memory boot camp, adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, migraines, stress, athletes and teen ADHD and child ADHD. Treatment tracks the effect of a particular problem on the brain and then trains the mind to respond differently towards the impact and manipulate it.


It begins with a hat which is worn by the client. This specific hat takes measurements of different zones of the brain and tracks its electrical activity. With the help of obtained information, the brain map is designed which acts as a baseline for activities related to the brain. Brain maps also detect irregularities, if any, and helps the doctor in figuring out various essential details. Once the brain map is generated, brain training or let us say, EEG Biofeedback, begins.

While performing the treatment, patients are allowed to watch their favorite show or movie or whatever they like. When they watch their own selected content, that is when the neurofeedback starts working. Through this process, some patients develop a way of improving their focus and altering the brain’s response. Home-based neurofeedback programmers are also offered by this center which adds an element of comfort for the clients. Read more about Neurocore at

Gino Pozzo and the Watford FC

Gino Pozzo seemed to be born for football. Gino’s story started in Italy, where he was related to previous Udinese Calcio football club presidents. But at the age of 18, Gino moved to the US. He earned a Master’s degree from Harvard and then got married. He then moved to Spain and lived in Barcelona for 20 years. 2013 is when he started to be more involved in his football club at Vicarage Road in London.

Gino’s father, Gianpaolo, bought the Udinese football club in 1986. For generations, the Pozzo family had been in the woodworking business. In 2008, they sold their woodworking business so they could focus more on their football clubs.

Gino seemed to be the reason for the club’s success. Because of Gino, the family bought Granada F.C in 2009. In two short years, Granada rose to Primera Liga for the first time in 35 years.

The family bought the Watford Club in 2012, which is when Gino relocated to London to be more involved in the club’s operations. It seems that the Pozzo’s plan was to be at Watford for a while.

Gino eventually sold the Granada F.C. to Jiang Lizhang for 37 Euros in 2016, saying he wanted to concentrate on the Udinese and the Watford club.

Recruiting and trading players is a main component of the Pozzo club ownership model. The media had many things to say about the signing on many players who were on international loans to other clubs. However, the recruiting and trading method seems to be very effective.

Pozzo is said to be at the Watford’s training ground almost every day. He was called “the best owner in the world” and ranked #4 on Talksport’s 2019 rankings of CEO football club owners.