Securus prevents crime by shutting down criminal communications

There’s nothing more dangerous to the safe operation of America’s prisons than organized criminal activity taking place within the institution. Many people have the misconception that just because criminals are incarcerated in a maximum-security prison that means that they are no longer able to commit crimes or continue living a criminal lifestyle. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.


In fact, prisons house some of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. Violent and extremely well-organized prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia or the Nortenos, are some of the most able criminal organizations that have ever confronted the United States. Run by extremely clever and charismatic leaders, these gangs constantly threaten to spiral out of control, overtaking the institutions in which they are housed and even spilling their criminal mayhem onto the streets of America. Far from curtailing their criminal lifestyles due to the fact of their incarcerated, these gangs bask in the criminal environment, learning how to carry out their dubious trade with even more aptitude.


But there is a crucial chokepoint in the ability of these gangs to carry out their criminal activities. Without adequate means of communication, they quickly find themselves without the necessary tools to carry out orders and maintain organizational cohesiveness. That’s why Securus Technologies have developed a novel technology called Stingray, which allows for the detection of all illicit cellular devices within the nation’s prisons.


Cellular devices have long been the bane of prison staff throughout the country. Being easily smuggled inside carceral facilities, they are then used by gang leaders to carry out criminal activity. But now, with Stingray, Securus is providing the tools for prison staff to put an end to illegal cellular devices, once and for all. It is through technologies like these that Securus is making U.S. prisons safer places for staff and prisoners alike.


Market America Miami Conference Was So Much Fun

Market American is a conference that is coming to Miami. People that are interested in building a business will be looking for chance to check out Market America. Some of the top retailers will be in place for the Miami seminars to provide information about franchise startups. Anyone that is interested in event training and trade shows will appreciate what is done with Market America.


People that live in Florida will appreciate the opportunity to connect with these speakers at local conferences. The event schedule for Miami will take place in November, but the Market American Conference will be moving to different directions throughout the world. There are people that will be able to connect with speakers in Taiwan, Taipei and Singapore. Market America will move throughout the east and west coast and eventually move into the South Florida.


It is during these conference dates there will be seminars about business building. There will be a lot of speakers that already have experience in building up a business. More people are going to be able to create a better business plan if they get a chance to attend this conference. Many speakers are going to be taking the time to listen to the speakers that can provide them with a wide assortment of ideas.


Market America has become one of the most significant business conferences for people that are interested in building a better business models for their companies. The speakers that are part of this conference provide powerful insight.

Aloha Construction Inc. Diversifies Its Products Portfolio at the Beginning of a New Roofing and Sliding Season

According to marketing experts, businesses that don’t care about adding new customers are bound to fail in the long run. Similarly, businesses that do not expand or diversify at the right time are bound to not only lose their customers but also their market share. Having a solid diversification strategy is, therefore, a great step towards managing a company’s risks.


One company that understands the significance of diversification is the Aloha Construction Inc. Recently, the company opened a new branch that specifically focused on its new brand—interior remodeling and restoration. Aloha Construction believes that their new brand will make their clients feel more secure in their respective premises.


This is not the first time that Aloha Construction Inc. is providing remodeling and restoration services. The company has been providing remodeling and related services since its inception—though in a small and unspecialized way. Having completed hundreds of remodeling projects successfully, however, the company deemed it right to put standalone and experienced experts out in the market. The new branch will be dealing with interior restoration, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, water extraction, and natural disaster aid among other services.


The new brand will not only make the lives of their clients easier, but will also raise the company’s reputation. Since 2008, the roofing and sliding giant has recorded tremendous growth. While they were delighted about having over 7000 completed projects in the previous years, their goal is to hit the 20,000 mark this year.


Aloha Construction Inc.


Aloha Construction is a family-owned roofing and sliding company serving all of Sothern Wisconsin and Illinois. With over 19,000 projects completed in Wauconda, Gurnee, Morton, Lake Villa Normal, Vernon Hills, Grayslake, Washington Round Lake, Mundelein, Round Lake Beach, Libertyville, Bloomington, Palatine, Lindenhurst, Hoffman Estates, Peoria, Lake Zurich, Pekin, and Mahomet, they simply have Midwest covered. Other services that the company provides include Soffit installation, roof cleaning and gutter installation, slider repair and installation as well as roof waterproofing.–147077274/pp

I Was Hacked Like Many Companies Today

It is a sad report to say I was hacked like many companies today, but that is the truth. Companies get hacked today for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that cybersecurity it is taken as a joke today. Studies show that there are over 20,000 cyber attacks on a weekly basis, and the majority of these attacks are towards companies. I was hacked only once, and I am still devastated over it. I cannot imagine how business owners feel who have been hacked 10 or 12 times or even more.

Internet studies show that these attacks are only going to continue. Hackers are becoming smarter by the day, and by the day they have more resources at their disposal. Even the national government is threatened by hackers.

This is why many companies are looking to Rubica. Rubica is the leading cybersecurity company. Since its launch, not one client has complained about being hacked. Rubica has hired the greatest minds in the field of cybersecurity. They make sure businesses and people alike are kept safe and private on the World Wide Web.

Rubica’s promise is that any client who comes to them will never use the phrase ‘I was hacked.’


Orange Coast College on the Verge of Crew National Title

Although the Orange Coast College rowing team is not as well known as the traditional Ivy League programs, the school’s prestigious crew team is on the cusp of winning yet another national title, solidifying their place among the greatest collegiate teams in the sport. Should they win the 2017 championship, it will be their twelfth title, after clinching victory in 2016.


OCC’s road to the top has not been easy. The team starts practice daily six days a week at 6:30 in the morning, and the current coach, an OCC alumni himself, has motivated the team to reach the highest levels of the sport, despite the fact that many of his students never even rowed at the high school level. OCC’s coaches are experts at developing the raw talent that enters the program through its highly competitive recruiting process.


Orange Coast College is a community college located in Orange County, California. Founded in 1947, the main campus is located in Costa Mesa, a city forty miles south of Los Angeles. The institution is one of the top transfer schools in the country, with a large percentage of alumni transferring to University of California or California State University campuses.


OCC has a distinguished history of producing eminent alumni, with graduates and former students active in fields as diverse as law and government, business, entertainment, and sports. In addition, many students at the college are graduates seeking to retool for greater success in the workforce, as 10% of the student body consists of BA holders.


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